Some great new Bible study and encyclopedia software

Discussion in 'Computers & Website Forum' started by LynnNJ, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. LynnNJ

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    I have always had trouble sticking with my Bible study, but I have found something that really helps. I found this new iLumina Gold Bible and encyclopedia software to be a fascinating and extremely helpful tool for Bible study. The Bible really comes alive with the animations and thousands of illustrations, and the articles and study materials really reach out to me. One of the fascinating things you can do is see a present day picture of a Biblical site, click on it and you can see what it looked like in the 1st Century. The commentary notes really help explain things, too. Another great feature is that you can cut and paste photos and text right into other software. It has really been a useful tool for me and for the rest of my family.

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