Some of my favorite "Signatues"

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    This list of course, is not inclusive. Some were not actually "signatures' but interesting quotes at the end of their post.
    I did not include any Bible verses or political statements.

    From John of Japan:
    "You can't win everybody to the Lord, but you can always win somebody."--John R. Rice

    Jim 1999
    The most important part of any prayer is not what we say to God. It is what God says to us. We are most likely to pray and then rush off before God speaks.

    Dr Bob
    "Jesus knows me, this I love"

    Baptist Believer
    "The New Testament is a book about disciples by disciples for disciples. Have you decided to be a disciple in New Testament terms? This is an intentional decision — not something you just drift into." - Dallas Willard

    Life is fragile, hand yours over to the one that will handle it with care... His name is Jesus!

    North Carolina Tentmaker
    I will not apologize or change when I am convinced I am following God's will. I don't
    think you should either.

    Too often OUR CAUSE Eclipses The CROSS...

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