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  1. SaggyWoman

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    Dec 15, 2000
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    Are you the only one serving on your church staff?

    What other positions do you have in your church?

    How often do you have staff meetings?

    How does your church staff function--Are they great friends and very supportive of each other, or do you request that it all stay business?
  2. Pastor Bob

    Pastor Bob
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    Jun 26, 2001
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    There is only my secretary and myself that is full time. However,we have 60 on our staff all together when you count volunteer SS Teachers, Bus ministry, Jr Church, Patch the Pirate, Choir etc.

    We have a staff meeting the 3rd Thursday night of each month. We just Started this last November and it has REALLY helped bring our church together onto one page. I have a guest speaker about every other meeting. The theme is always to encourage the workers. I (or the guest speaker) teach on team work, how to get along, leadership, followship, etc.

    It has really been working out well. In fact one pastor who was a guest speaker liked it so well he went home and started the same thing at his church.

    I meet with the SS Teachers every Sunday Morning too about 30 minutes before SS.
    -Pastor Bob
    Victory Baptist Church, PA.

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