The Cola Flavor--Why Not Used in Other Food Products?

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    The cola flavor is one of the most popular flavors on the planet. Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, RC Cola, etc. have made millions and millions of dollars. Yet....there are virtually no other products besides soda where this flavor is used. No cola flavored ice cream, no cola flavored gum, cola flavored hard candy, no cola-sicles, etc. Nothing.

    Why is that?
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    Yes there is.
    There are cola flavored jelly candies, bottle caps, jelly beans, fizzies, taffy, pez, you name it! United Dairy Farmers makes cherry cola ice cream.

    Where you been dear? Cola and other soda flavors are very popular in candies and ice creams!

    I wrote a set of poems a while back called "Pop Poetry." ROFL Dedicated to the wonderful flavors of soda. And promptly lost them, but the phrase from "Orange Crush" that said "get sticky with it" stuck with a whole bunch of us for about two years after. Nobody in my family could look at the stuff without busting up laughing and saying that for a VERY long time! I must rewrite those, they were so brilliantly horrible!

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