The Corn Sermon

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    The Corn Sermon
    In the beginning God created corneth on the cobbeth and he saidth it was goodth. Corneth Is liketh a Christian your now thinking to yourself Christians can't be like corn but stay with me. When you eatth corneth on the cobbeth it goes in to your mouthth. From your mouthth to your throatth. From your throatth to your stomachth and insideth your stomachth the corneth is digestedth then it mashes up with other stuff that is bad for you then from the stomachth to the smallth intestineth There the digested foodth meetsth with juices fromth the gall bladderth, liverth, and pancreasth from the smallth intestineth to the largeth intestineth from thereth to the rectumth and thenth the butth and finaly the toiletth but if you notice the cornth is stillth wholeth so as a Christian no matter how much CRAP life throws at you, you can always come out whole!!!
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