The Dirty Dozen: 12 New Policies That Undermine Civil Society

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    Undermining Family, Faith, and Freedom

    1. Discouraging Charitable Giving.

    2. Blocking Educational Opportunity for Low-Income D.C. Students

    3. Reducing Abstinence Education.

    4. Rolling Back Conscience Protections for Health Care Professionals

    5. Subsidizing Planned Parenthood.

    6. Restricting Parental Notification and Expanding Family Planning.

    7. Using Tax Dollars to Finance Abortion Abroad.

    8. Taxpayer Funding for Controversial, Unproven Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

    9. Violating Religious Groups' Equal Access on College Campuses

    10. Rolling Back Successful Welfare Reform.

    11. Expanding Dependence on Government.

    12. Leaving a Legacy of Debt to Future Generations.

    Weakening America

    These 12 policies represent a troubling new direction in social policy. They will leave Americans less equipped to provide for themselves and their neighbors in the midst of trying times.

    Policymakers can ensure America's social welfare, economic stability, and capacity to lead in the world by pursuing policies that encourage stable family formation; show respect for parental rights, conscience, and the role of religious institutions; and create positive incentives for work, thrift, and private initiative. In the first quarter of 2009, the Administration and Congress have pursued policies that move in the opposite direction.

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    "bo" told Americans that there would be "change with a difference". Now we are getting a taste of what he meant. Unfortunately we have not even seen the beginning of what this dictator plans for this country.

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