The Elms Reject Movie Role

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    This from Focus on the Family's "Culture Clips":

    The script for a new film title "Saved" (currently in production and starring Mandy Moore) originally called for The Elms, a Christian band, to play themselves in a scene at the high school prom. Band manager Craig Jager said his band was not amused by the script's mocking spiritual tone. "It's over the really goes overboard with the Christian jargon," he said. Elms vocalist Owen Thomas posted a statement on the band's website saying that their decision not to perform was made because being part of the film would have required them "to condone and support things we're wholeheartedly against,moral and spiritual issues...We're not ready to forfeit our loyalty to those things." Several Christian musicians in the Vancouver area (where the film is bieng shot),were asked to fill in for the Elms, but they too turned down the "opportunity."

    For more on The Elms:

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