The Government did not do this, conservative Christians did

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    I try to come home with a favorite moment, or at least a poignant moment, from the Monday night feedings. Tonight, the one moment that really sticks out in my mind is this:

    There was a gentleman standing off by himself with his plate of food and he seemed like the happiest individual. Smiling and he was saying something (naturally, I thought he was talking to himself). I walked up to him to offer him a drink and I immediately found out that he wasn't talking to himself...he was talking to God. He was telling God this...

    "Thank you, God! I don't deserve this! Thank you, God, for this food! I don't deserve it!"

    When I handed him his drink, he thanked me very sweetly and politely (even called me "ma'am") and then he raised his cup of fruit punch and said "Thank you, God! I don't deserve this!"'s a man with nothing and he's thankful and grateful for everything.
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