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    May 15, 2015
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    ..... to know what that the ultra, ultra super ultra leftist Nashville's (& probably "most" of at least northern Middle TN's) ONLY "major" daily newspaper had as its "Feature Story" in today's (06/29/2015) "Money" Section.

    "The Monetary 'Benefits' of 'Wedded Bliss'"

    Granted, there are some financial benefits to those who are married such as the ability to file on your Federal Income Tax returns in the category of "Married/filing jointly," and there's probably a better chance of getting loans, mortgages, etc., at a "better" rate than a young single person might have.

    I won't argue these possibilities.

    But when I noticed the "featured photo," I practically choked on my breakfast. U guessed it, the "happily married, blissful couple were TWO MEN!!"
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