Tiberius, Germanicus, and Gaius

Discussion in 'History Forum' started by Martin, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Did Tiberius kill Germanicus? There were rumors that he had poisoned Germanicus. Some said his body showed signs of poison.

    What impact, if any, do you believe Germanicus' death/murder had on his son Gaius? Do you believe that it may have been at least one reason he ruled the way he did?

    Interesting questions. I have been pondering these things lately and to be honest I can't seem to come to a "certain" solution/conclusion. I am, however, more comfortable with my conclusions on point two. I do believe that Gaius was angry about the murder/death of his father, and most of his family, and I do believe that it was at least one reason he ruled the way he did. Don't ask me to prove that. It is my "theory" based on my studies of his troubled life. I could be wrong. Gaius could have just gone crazy.

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