Tongues- catharsis, not doctrine

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Luke2427, May 18, 2013.

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    There is no biblical precedent for gibberish- none.

    I might as well testify that God gave me a "prayer drawing ability" whereby I take up a crayon and start writing mess all over a piece of paper and claim that God and I are communing.

    That is nonsense. There is absolutely no biblical support for it.

    And the same is true with this "prayer language gibberish" stuff.

    They are PRECISELY the same thing and both make exactly the same amount of sense and have the exact same amount of biblical support.

    What this "tongues" stuff amounts to is emotional catharsis.

    Life is tough and falling into a trance is a relief from it.

    Purging yourself of stress and heartache by uttering noise is a relief.

    Psychiatrists utilize this practice, and I have no doubt that it helpful.

    I am certain that it feels good.

    As such, it is a good thing.

    But when you start making Bible doctrines out of it, it becomes sin and deception and you need to stop it right now.

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