Trials of the Hospital Gown [Im]modesty!!!

Discussion in 'Clean Humor' started by Scarlett O., Nov 26, 2015.

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    True story.

    My mother is wearing her own lounging clothes in the rehab now, but while she was in the regular room, all she was allowed to wear was the dreaded gown. One day early on my brother, dad, and I were there and the nurse came in to check on the surgical incision/staples. Of course, to throw back the gown left her totally exposed from the waist down and so the nurse asked my mother if she would like for all of us to leave.

    My mother said, "My grown children can just look out the window."

    Nurse [pointing to my dad]: "What about him?"

    Mother: "That's my HUSBAND."

    Nurse: "Do you want him to look out the window?"

    Mother [slightly annoyed]: "If he has to look out the window after 56 years of marriage, then we have a serious problem!"
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    LOL. Sounds like her sense of humor is intact.

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