Tyminski gathers no moss during break from Krauss

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    Tyminski gathers no moss during break from Krauss


    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — With Alison Krauss touring this summer with Robert Plant, the guys in her band, Union Station, had some time to kill, like enough to read biographies of all 43 presidents and maybe paint their houses and their neighbors' houses, too.

    But guitarist-singer Dan Tyminski kept right on making music. He released a solo album, put a band together and hit the road. His group, the Dan Tyminski Band, will perform Friday at the RockyGrass festival in Lyons, Colo.

    "It's a little different for me," Tyminski told The Associated Press recently. "I like what I do with Alison, so I don't have to sing song after song. The workload is bigger for sure. But I enjoy the stuff we're playing and the people I'm playing with."

    Tyminski's second solo disc, "Wheels," came out in June. It's more traditional than the material he does with Krauss, and he says it's given him a chance to reconnect with the bluegrass festivals he played early in his career.

    - rest at http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5gRv-wewfSA2qNqCYBXIcgWNd9BKAD924BOPG0

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