What Say You on McCain's Campaign Staff???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by righteousdude2, Nov 6, 2008.

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    I hope that those who respond can to so without including McCain or Palin as the problem with the campaign.....

    I continued to watch the campaign, and like a football game, I'd sit there and yell at the McCain/Palin campaign team and ask them what they were thinking? It was the worse campaign I'd ever seen. Almost like they didn't want to win it for their boss and his Veep.

    I even wrote the campaign numerous times, and voiced my concerns, however, like the proverbial "black hole" I never heard back. Strange, but true!:wavey:

    Anyways, let's address the campaign staff and discuss what you think they may have done wrong as they put the McCain/Palin ticket before the American public? Again, please leave McCain and Palin out of this discussion, there has been enough gossip and smearing of these two, especially Palin. All I want is what you observed as critical mistakes in judgment and planning during the campaign? I believe there were "glaring errors" and it is not malicious gossip to discuss the strategic errors that appeared to be made starting from the first day of the RNC.:tonofbricks:

    Thanks for your answers......

    Pastor Paul:type:

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