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    May 15, 2015
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    ..... precisely what sin is and/or is not?

    I'm trying my best to determine exactly how any/all practice(s) with which I'm familiar are "sins" and which aren't.

    Most of you have read, either here on BB or elsewhere, where someone declares that practice X is merely a cultural thing, and thus has absolutely, positively no bearing to us today.

    OTOH, I've read (& you probably have too) where some preacher declares that same practice X to be a sin for which one will account at the Bema Judgment Seat of Christ.

    Obviously, BOTH cannot be correct.

    EXAMPLE: Most conservative, evangelical Christians would probably be satisfied with a female having a hemline that extends to at least her knees.

    OTOH, "Giants" of years gone by (e.g., Spurgeon, Moody, etc.) probably would be shocked if a female would so much as to dare to expose her ankles in public.

    So......Who's correct, and, by default, who's wrong in matters such as this?
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    You can just ask....or better yet, just PM me and I'll tell you if it's a sin. :smilewinkgrin:

    A sin is something that is against God. This is revealed in Scripture. When we start creating rules to obey so that we will be keeping God's laws by not sinning, then we are doing exactly what the Pharisees did. They created laws which became tradition. If you followed all of their laws then they believed you would ultimately be keeping God's law.

    I think that we have to consider what Scripture forbids and wrestle through principles that may spring off of that (to include what is good for the Body of Christ, loving your neighbor....in an unsinful way, etc.).
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