"Who said it?"_(a political pop-quiz)_!

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    A questionnaire for those who consider themselves politically savvy.

    **Who said....

    1) "I did not have sex with that woman."
    2) "I did not set a 'red-line,' it was Congress, and the world!"
    3) "Watch my lips, 'no more taxes!'"

    Answers to above:

    1) Bill Clinton
    2) Barack Obama
    3) George Bush, Sr.

    If you got both correct, you need to remember that presidents are human too, and therefore, subject to fabrication of the truth in order to protect and save them face! :tear:

    Lying has become ALL to common place in the social and political arena, and it is one more sign of the sign of the times. America is moving closer, and closer to the brink of ruin and self-destruction! :tear:

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