Who should be allowed to drill in Alaska?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Salty, May 25, 2008.

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    David Gay, the Constitution Party of New York's candidate for Congress in the 25th CD, is quoted in today's Syracuse Post-Standard on the subject of drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge:
    "It is an affront to the Bill of Rights, in particular the 10th Amendment, to prohibit Alaska from tapping into its own natural resources. Beyond the adverse effect to the Alaskan economy, this violation of the Constitution has driven gasoline prices to unbearable levels, causing economic strife to every American. I think it is appalling that we allow Cuba and China to drill in the Florida Straits, meanwhile forbidding our own selves from seeking the common good, in this case, a way to lower the price of gasoline."
    You can learn more about David and all of our other candidates on our website: <A title=http://www.nyconstitutionparty.com/candidates.htm href="http://www.nyconstitutionparty.com/candidates.htm">http://www.nyconstitutionparty.com/candidates.htm

    NOTE: David Gay is a registered Republican. He said he will force a primiary against the Republician Party desgniee, Dale Sweetland.
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    Isn't this the million dollar question? We have so much of the stuff in this country but we are protecting our land so won't drill it up. Instead we pay others hundreds per/barrel... Where is the balance?

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