You bought your coffee, you used my Wi-Fi ... NOW GO!

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    When café owners began offering free Wi-Fi to their coffee-drinking customers, they did so with the best of intentions -- by trying to provide them with added value in the hopes of bringing in more business.

    But with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile offices, Wi-Fi squatters – those who set up shop for interminable hours gobbling up the café's bandwidth and available seating -- are negatively impacting business. As a result, owners have declared war on Wi-Fi squatters -- with some going to such extreme measures as to set Wi-Fi time limits, require an access code to the wireless network (available only with purchase), or prohibit the use of laptops in cafés.

    People will take and inch an insist on a mile. Maybe they could sell Wi-Fi time cards that can't be reloaded without making a purchase of at least $5.

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