Your questions on Indiana's RFRA answered.

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by Bro. Curtis, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Pull quote…

    "….Until now, the most controversial RFRA case was last year’s Hobby Lobby v. Burwell, which was about whether the federal government has a compelling interest in forcing religious business owners to pay for abortifacents. (It doesn’t.)

    This big gay freak-out is purely notional. No RFRA has ever been used successfully to defend anti-gay discrimination, not in twenty years of RFRAs nationwide.
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    May 23, 2002
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    George Stephanopoulos served under Clinton when the federal law was passed and he never said a word about Clinton.

    Indiana lawyer Eric Miller, a former candidate for Governor, said this:


    •Christian bakers, florists and photographers should not be punished for refusing to participate in a homosexual marriage!

    •A Christian business should not be punished for refusing to allow a man to use the women’s restroom!

    •A church should not be punished because they refuse to let the church be used for a homosexual wedding!

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