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Jun 24, 2021 at 5:14 AM
May 30, 2006
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Long Island, NY
Mama & media manager @ church


Well-Known Member, Female, from Long Island, NY

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annsni was last seen:
Jun 24, 2021
    1. Seeker of the Source
      Seeker of the Source
      How may I change my profile from my real name to something else? I would like to make this change asap. Thanks.
    2. NateT
      I would like to delete my account. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I've been inactive for a long time but I'm going through old accounts and cleaning them up.
    3. Hope4
      I’m new to this site not really sure about posting etc..
      Needing prayers, advice, help!
      Apparently about a year ago my kid came in contact with a ouija board. Strength things have been happening since!
      Maybe you can help me to understand how to post so maybe I can find advice on handling this situation.
    4. Hark
    5. Melanie
      Can you point me in the right direction to find out what the trophy points are all about, and the rating system please?

      I am sorry you no longer post with the non exclusive Baptist forums, but trust you and yours are well and happy.
      1. annsni
        I have no clue myself!! I was looking around a little bit one day but couldn't find more info.

        I still post all over BB when I see something interesting. I definitely post outside the Baptist only forums. :) We are doing well and I hope you are as well!
        Feb 4, 2016
      2. Melanie
        Thank you.
        Feb 6, 2016
    6. NaasPreacher (C4K)
      NaasPreacher (C4K)
      Just wanted to say thanks for your post on the Chick-fil-A thread. I am not posting here any longer, but check in every few days. I have never been on the bandwagon, but love Dan Cathy's testimony in the article

    7. mactx
      Hi Ann! How are you doing? Thanks for the help in the thread.
    8. Revmitchell
    9. Eric B
      Eric B
      Thought about you all yesterday as I traveled from one end of the island to the other (Montauk) by local bus (N4-N19-S40-S66-S92-10C, return via LIRR). Had only been to Eastern LI twice (in the 80's), and as I began exploring every year in December, to see the decorations on the homes in recent years, I decided to see what it's like to go all the way out.
    10. MamaCW
      Hi Ann, just wanted to say hello. How is your daughter doing?
    11. Salty
    12. annsni
      What's Mrs. Salty's name on Facebook? I'm Ann Snider
    13. Salty
      as you can see, i got it, Mrs Salty contacted Mark via facebook and he called me.
      join Mrs Salty on Face book
    14. annsni
      OK - You need to host it somewhere. Do you want me to put it on my Photobucket? Or else you can sign up for a Photobucket account - it's free. What's happening is that you can't take it off of your computer because other people need to access the photo and that would mean they'd access your computer. Let me know if you want me to host it - you can e-mail it to [email protected]
    15. Salty
      Mrs salty sent it to me via email then I downloaded
    16. Salty
      it is on my comuter C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\Bob\Bob.jpg

      when I previw, I see the picture just perfect, but when i post, it comes up - well you saw in the post
    17. annsni
      Do you have the photo hosted somewhere on a website like Photobucket or something? If you do, get the URL for the photo and come to BB then type [IMG]
    18. Salty
      ann, I need some tech help, I am trying to upload a picture to Bap Board (yes i am comupter illeterate)
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    Long Island, NY
    Mama & media manager @ church
    Home Church:
    Northport Baptist Church
    Favorite Verse:
    Do I really have to choose??
    I'm a middle aged mom of 4 and wife of a pastor who is a church planter.

    doing things with the church family, studying God's Word, sailing, homeschooling and horses


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