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Oct 19, 2019 at 2:53 PM
Jan 8, 2009
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  1. Roy
Dec 2, 1977 (Age: 43)
Mobile, AL
Assistant Manager of Labor Finders - Mobile


Active Member, Male, 43, from Mobile, AL

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Oct 19, 2019
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    Dec 2, 1977 (Age: 43)
    Mobile, AL
    Assistant Manager of Labor Finders - Mobile
    Home Church:
    Magnolia Springs Baptist Church
    Some of my favorite hobbies & tidbits about me are:

    1. Playing, collecting, & hacking video games (retro, not online). I have a large collection of PS2 games from North America, Japan, & Europe.

    2. Politics: I'm an independent conservative. I will NEVER EVER vote Democrat. I support candidates that best exemplify the Three C's:
    A. Constitutional - Do they make or support laws that go against The Constitution?
    B. Conservative - Where do they stand on moral issues? Are they pro-life? Where do they stand on family values?
    C. Christian - While only God knows a mans heart, if they identify themselves as a Muslim or anything else other than a Christian, they WON'T get my vote or support. If they identify as a Christian, I expect their actions to reflect that.

    During a presidential election, if the two mainstream candidates aren't meeting the criteria that I put out, I won't hesitate to find a third party candidate who will best represent my views. I wasn't a fan of G.W. Bush or his two opponents, so in 2000 I voted for Pat Buchanan (Reform Party) & in 2004 I voted for Michael Peroutka (Constitution Party).

    The Republican Party didn't put quality candidates as their front runner in 2008 or in 2012. While John McCain's military service was reputable & respectable, he wasn't anywhere near the best choice for our nation. While I liked Sarah Palin, putting a moderate with a conservative doesn't equal a strong conservative candidate. In 2008, Dr. Alan Keyes got my vote. He was also unfairly kept out of all the televised debates.

    I will go on record by saying that I'm proud that I didn't vote for Mitt Romney. There was a man that took the same side on many key issues as Barack Obama, & we were expected to vote for him!? Anyone who believes in pushing liberal agendas such as socialized medicine (even if its on a state level), open homosexuality in our military, & supporting gun bans Does not get my vote or support. Many of my Facebook friends who identified as "conservatives" & were duped into supporting Romney gave me such a hard time over voting for Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode. The difference between them & some of my liberal friends is most of my liberal friends unfriended me. That's okay because truth can be a bitter pill to swallow & sometimes when truth smacks you right in the face it doesn't feel good. LOL!

    When Donald Trump announced that he was running, I'll be honest about, I was very skeptical about voting for & supporting him. I know as a showman or circus ring leader, he can be quite the entertainer. I also know that some of the stuff that happened 15 & 20 years ago didn't impress me. Being that he has contributed to the Clintons also left me uneasy. I originally wanted to Ted Cruz or Bobby Jindal to win the nomination, but that wasn't to be. It took a lot of thought & prayer. I ended up voting for him as a skeptical supporter. I will vote for him again in 2020 because I believe he has done more for our country in his first term that Barack Obama ever did in his years in both the House & in the White House as president.

    I'm not at the point of saying he's "the best president ever". I still believe Ronald Reagan holds that distinction in my view. Time will tell. He still has four more years.

    3. Watching professional wrestling. I've been a wrestling fan since I was 10 years old. As you might have guessed by my screen name & avatar, the Big Bossman was my favorite wrestler before he passed away in 2004.

    4. Watching boxing. I've been a boxing fan since about the age of 16. My interest in boxing started in a weird way. I started playing a couple of boxing games for the SNES & Sega Genesis when I was younger. Games like Boxing Legends of the Ring & Greatest Heavyweights prompted me to start watching USA Tuesday Night Fights back when it aired on USA Network during the 90's. Some of my high school friends also took an interest in boxing we used to watch some of the Oscar De La Hoya Pay-Per-View events, HBO Boxing events, & even occasionally had body shot boxing matches against each other for fun.

    5. Watching older TV shows. Some of my favorite TV shows are but not limited to: Hogan's Heroes, Get Smart, Magnum P.I., Twilight Zone (1959 - 1964), Hunter, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Night Court, Dukes of Hazzard, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Star Trek, The Outer Limits (1995 - 2002), C.H.iP.s, & Miami Vice.

    6. I like listening to most music that is from the 1980's, but have wide varied tastes in music. Among my favorite music types, I prefer 80's hairband or glam metal, rock, classic rock, 80's New Wave, Techno Music, some songs from the 1990's & maybe some from the 2000's, & even some sound track music.

    Some of my favorite music artists / bands are: Dokken, Winger, Foreigner, Journey, Alice Cooper, Rom Di Prisco, & Van Halen just to name a few. But please...NO Elton John, Boy George, or Culture Club. Every man has his limits.