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Clint Kritzer
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Dec 26, 2020 at 12:16 PM
Oct 10, 2001
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Jul 17, 1964 (Age: 59)
Bremo Bluff, Virginia

Clint Kritzer

Active Member, 59, from Bremo Bluff, Virginia

Site Supporter
Clint Kritzer was last seen:
Dec 26, 2020
    1. SovereignGrace
      Here are a few things he said towards me:

      ••I believe the Bible. Do you?
      ••What other changes do the Calvinist make to the Bible to prop up their errant theology?
      •You are demonstrating that salvation is not by faith and faith alone, i.e., sola fide is not in your books.(flat out lie; I never once posted such rubbish)
      ••Again, a denial of justification by faith, salvation by faith. We are not saved by works. It is Christ that saves, not our works.(another flat out lie; I never posted anything of such rubbish)
      ••You sound more like a J.W. than a believer in Christ.(directed @ BrotherJoseph)

      He has stated(lied) numerous times I have denied salvation and justification by faith and that is a bald-face lie. I never once said such rubbish.
    2. SovereignGrace
    3. SovereignGrace
      Would you admins do something with DHK? He is abusing his moderatorship on here. He is not being unbiased. He gave me a 3 point infraction for exposing him for what he is, a two-faced charlatan. He gets on here and continually asks us 'how do we know we are one of the elect', 'we make God out to be a cruel monster', 'I believe the bible, do you' and then has the gall to give us infractions? He has a personal vendetta out for myself and Iconoclast. Thanks.
    4. One Baptism
    5. T Alan
      T Alan
      The one relating to Preachers posting links to their messages, soory.
    6. T Alan
      T Alan
      Hey, Mr Kritzer would you, if possible move a recent thread I started on "General Baptist Discussion" to The "Pastoral Minister Section. I posted in the wrong section. Toot ta loo and thank you
    7. Rev. Autrey
      Rev. Autrey
      I am a new member of your Baptist Debate Forum. My name is Rev. Autrey. I recently posted a thread, "Why does John 1:1:2 say that Jesus is God." It has created such a fuss that some members want me to resign. I will if you will tell me how to do so!

      Rev. Autrey
    8. agedman
      Why did the thread on the effect on the health care to the assembly and staff of church and personal financial matters get bumped?

      It wasn't about current events, but upon how the assemblies and believers are actually handling the financial and other burdens, what they should expect as support from the assembly and other assembly related matters.

      It has NOTHING to do with politics, and is no more "current events" than the "duck dynasty" and elopement threads.

      Perhaps someone is misreading what the intent of the thread was, or let me know why it was bumped.

      Seems rather unequal application to let other threads abide with even more "current event" statements.
    9. evangelist-7
      I am curious why this thread was closed in the Other Christian Denominations sub-forum:
      "Finally, now we understand what Paul is really saying!"
    10. BobRyan
      I have a question
    11. saturneptune
      I do not know if you got the report or not, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would delete post # 8 in the thread "This Reminded me of BB" in the general Baptist Discussion section. The thread has already been closed. The post is very embarrassing and demeaning.
    12. scl48

      I made a post called " I need objective counsel on a highly personend painful situationl a" and I would like to delete it but cannot the option to delete does not seem to be available. Can you delete for me?


    13. Wittenberger
      Did the moderators of the BB realize that some online company is posting ads with seductive looking women? It says: "They aren't looking for a young guy, they are looking for YOU."

      I would suggest you contact your Webmaster to block this company from putting this trash on your Christian website.
    14. Heavenly Pilgrim
      Heavenly Pilgrim
      Clint, are you still an active moderator? Thanks. HP
    15. fortytworc
      Could "The Powers that Be" here at BB consider adding a forum called "Keep It Lite" or something along that line. Different than the Humor forum. Sort of a Relax, Take it Easy, Take your fight Elsewhere place. I know I'm new here. And i know nothing of the details, effort, and work it takes to operate this place. Just a thought. No offense taken if it quickly finds the ole 'File 13'.
    16. fortytworc
      Sorry to bother you with this, but I can't find what I need in order to delete my poll : Baptist Heaven. I tried following the instructions, but could not locate the necessary buttons. Could you delete it for me, or show me where I went wrong? Thank You.
    17. Heavenly Pilgrim
      Heavenly Pilgrim
      Clint, are you in reality an acitve moderator? Thanks.
    18. righteousdude2
      I messed up on the wording of the first poll. Could you please delete the first, posted at 9:38 pm. Thanks!

      Pastor Paul
    19. righteousdude2
      I know you have a ten page limit, and it is way past time to shut down the "relapse" post. Thanks!
    20. th1bill
      I´m sorry that you did not feel brave enough to have had this conversation in an open forum but in any case you continue to lie, putting words never spoken into my mouth, and this conversation is finished. Continue and I will turn you in to the staff.
      Turn me in if you want to, I don't care. You are the coward that called me a liar.
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    Jul 17, 1964 (Age: 59)
    Bremo Bluff, Virginia
    Home Church:
    Memorial Baptist Church, Columbia, VA
    Favorite Verse:
    Matthew 16:16
    church, family, Bible study