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Oct 1, 2016 at 10:31 AM
Jul 13, 2000
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<b>Moderator</b>, from Canada

DHK was last seen:
Oct 1, 2016
    1. revmwc
      Did you see my message
    2. revmwc
      The Will of God in the Fall of Man II Post #72 and 78 I believe a moderator called me a blasphemer can you look and give me your input
    3. Hark
    4. SaggyWoman
      I just closed that thread, DHK, on death.
    5. BrotherJoseph
      Deleted will send via private message
    6. revmwc
      deleted will send a different way.
    7. Getting it Right
      Getting it Right
    8. righteousdude2
      Thanks brother. And again, I apologize. I will have to watch better when I do my cut and paste things. I add my book infoon the other sites because they don't mind my making my books available. You saved me from Matt Wade jumping all over me in the court of public opinion, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate his finding my mistake. So he isn't all that bad ;)

      Pastor Paul
    9. The Biblicist
      The Biblicist

      He is back again as Dragon Slayer and this time the religious mask is off and he is showing his true self for what he really is. Better look at what is going on - it is horrible!
    10. righteousdude2
      Thank you for removing that comment.
    11. righteousdude2
      I hope your Easter was blessed....I am sorry for bothering you, but Matt is pushing the envelope, again!

      I let him know, by PM (last week) that I would be in his area, and that I may drop by his church to hear his pastor preach. He seems to have taken this as a threat. Which it wasn't. I was hoping to meet him and maybe end this ridiculous on line feuding.

      So, this is the result. More harassment from him towards me!

      This (his comments from General Baptist Discussions - "A MESSAGE for the ages..." post # 4) is uncalled for. Please "delete: this comment, and I'd appreciate your taking some form of action against Matt for his continued attempts to attack me PERSONALLY on the public forum portion of the board. Matt continues to come at me in ways that are either rude, harassing, or provoking a fight (verbal confrontations). I have had enough. And this is the absolute last straw...

      Pastor Paul - RD2
    12. righteousdude2
      RE: Politics Forum - Let's all blame George Bush post # 28

      This is not Christ like, and I am personally getting tired of the way this board allows him to "snipe" away at members. I am asking that this comment be removed. It is unnecessary, rude, and insulting to anyone who is older. I TAKE PERSONAL OFFENSE.

      Wade is being totally disrespectful of others.
    13. Iconoclast
      Hello DHK....this is a hersey alert.....thornwa;; posted this in a new thread
      The things that I write in this forum, are always the truth. They are not fantasies. They come directly from God. I have barely even started, but if you wish to remain in darkness......sobeit! :jesus:[/QUOTE
    14. righteousdude2
      I messed up on the wording of the first poll. Could you please delete the first, posted at 9:38 pm. Thanks!

      Pastor Paul
    15. Dr. Walter
      Dr. Walter
      Hey brother,

      The thread entitled "Are the Greek/Russian orthodox Valid Christian Churches?" has gone way past 30 pages. Give us some relief and terminate this thing. Too many catholic apologists for me to handle by myself.

    16. Dr. Walter
      Dr. Walter
      SBG does not engage in discussion. He merely writes his commentary on Romans 11 without engaging in any grammatical and contextual objections that are placed before him. He does this routinely in most of his articles.

      There are others that make the same complaint that I do. He is not here to debate but to proselyte. Many have attempted to engage him in being accountable for things he has written and he just ignores the contrary evidences placed before him and continues as though all others were on the forum to be instructed by him rather than engage thoughtful debate.

      Do the forum rules allow a person to do that kind of thing?
    17. righteousdude2
      Thank you for editing the photos and comments of Jan Crouch. You have made a proper decision that maintains the integrity of the BB.
    18. righteousdude2
      Dear DHK,

      Thanks for taking on Free at Last. You countered every thing he threw your way, and you did it very well. I noticed he just seemed to lose steam on his better than thou rant, and I praise your efforts for doing what needed to be done to quiet down the rhetoric coming from his keyboard!

      Pastor Paul
    19. Dr. Walter
      Dr. Walter
      Some one is attempting to break into my account here on this board and change my password so that I cannot use the account. I received an e-mail saying that I have requested a new password because I have forgotten my password.

      I made no such request. The person who has slandered me twice on this forum and then been banned twice has made this request.
    20. davidoregonJr
      The Lord bless you 2000 times more as much as you have in your life now.
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