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Dr. Bob
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Sep 8, 2020 at 12:44 AM
Jun 30, 2000
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Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 72)
Home Page:
Casper, WY USA
Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor

Dr. Bob

Administrator, Male, 72, from Casper, WY USA

Dr. Bob was last seen:
Sep 8, 2020
    1. Rhetorician
      How are you doing. If I remember you were having some health issues? I have just been made an administrator. Got any helpful ideas for me. I really do need some sort of inservice and guidelines to help me muddle through. Help is possible.


    2. 2404
      Hello Dr. Bob
      My question to you is: 'Do you think the Lord is going to ask you what denomination you belonged to while you where on your earthly journey?
      I'm directing this question to you because when I signed on to take a look I was reminded that - because I was not a Baptist...
      1. david p
        david p
        I really don't think it matters. As long as we have accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour, repented of our sins, seek His divine will in our lives, trust in Him by faith not by works, be open to guidance from the Holy Spirit, believe the Word of God (written and living), then does it matter?
        May 15, 2019
    3. Dwayne Hinson
      Dwayne Hinson
      Dr. Bob I found a post from several years ago where you said you wrote a book, "Forward: A History of Fundamental Baptists in Wisconsin". I am a student of Baptist History and I pastored in Black River Falls, WI several years ago and would be interested in obtaining a copy of this book. Thank you for your time.
    4. Rebel1
      Dr. Bob,

      I am the former member "Rebel". I lost my account info so created a new account with username "Rebel1". Could you please delete my old account. Thanks.
    5. Pastor Coley
      Pastor Coley
      Dr. Bob , this is pastor coley, I would like to be able to respond to some threads, please advise, thanks
    6. TCassidy
      Are you back with us now?
      1. Dr. Bob
        Dr. Bob
        Yep. Simply had to take time off, with much going on. So decided to declare I "still" am a Baptist and proudly start posting again!
        Mar 17, 2017
        TCassidy likes this.
    7. Adonia
      I have refrained from commenting on the following particular issue, but this is not the first time DHK has said something similar. Today he said this: : "Of course you cannot worship the God you do not know". This is a direct questioning of my belief in Jesus Christ as God Incarnated here on earth and I am getting tired of it. Aren't accusations like this against the rules?
    8. Adonia
      I apologize. I thought I was being singled out and from now on I will endeavor to do better.
    9. One Baptism
    10. revmwc
      Just posted copyrighted material in the thread Context of the Parenthesis Church I have the authors permission, but I placed a warning do not quote if it gets quoted please remove that comment or that portion of the comment. Thanks revmwc
    11. revmwc
    12. Makahiya2028
      Thank you Dr. Bob for your policy of academic freedom.

      While you disagree with my believe,

      you simply placed my thread in a new location .

      How excellent !
    13. Makahiya2028
      Dear Sir,

      I am not a KJV Only and I am not an Original Manuscripts Only .

      I believe all scripture is given by inspiration of God .
    14. The American Dream
      The American Dream
      Need to talk to you about Tom Butler
    15. Getting it Right
      Getting it Right
      I am wondering if it is permissible for me to post a link to a video about parents staying together. It is "Mommy, Daddy, Please Don't Go." The video itself is 7 minutes long. The second half has piano music in the background. I will post the link from YouTube, if OK, and if OK, which forum do I post it in?
    16. righteousdude2
      What are you talking about? What personal information am I posting. I will comply, just need to know exactly what you are referring to! Thanks Bob!
    17. T Alan
      T Alan
      Hi Bob, I just recognized you from FB. We were "friends" at one time for a while, and shared membership in a couple of groups, TFD. That is until I recently, temporarily, closed my account. Small world huh? God Bless
    18. Salty
      thank you dr Bob
    19. T Alan
      T Alan
      Never mind my question (as if you were minding it), I now see the post. :)
    20. T Alan
      T Alan
      Hi Bob, since your name appeared first under "Admins" on General Baptist Discussion, I was wondering would you have any information on a recent Thread I started titled as "Wishing all BB a blessed Thanksgiving Feast", it seems to have been deleted. Thanks for the consideration to this.
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  • About

    Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 72)
    Home Page:
    Casper, WY USA
    Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor
    Home Church:
    Sovereign Grace Reformed Baptist, Casper
    Favorite Verse:
    Psalm 115:1
    Judging Others, Travel, Civil War Re-enacting, Mountain Climbing, Humor, Satire, World Cruising


    Dr Bob Griffin
    "Jesus knows me, this I love"


    "Why do bad things happen to good people?
    That only happened once, and He volunteered
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