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Jul 28, 2009
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Well-Known Member, Male, from Kentucky

Site Supporter

Will always be Primitive Baptist. My family and I have been blessed immensely through our involvement with the Church. Mar 17, 2017

    1. Earth Wind and Fire
      Earth Wind and Fire
      He is a mess…I generally ignore m
      him. Same goes for Silver Hair an some of these bobo’s who are attempting to hold this board. It’s no wonder this place is on its last legs
    2. old regular
      old regular
      I would like to invite you all to the Blessed Hope Church we are having a Union Meeting this weekend with Elder Jonathan Blakely of the Old Line Primitive Baptist Lower Wetumpka Association, November 20th at 3pm Saturday and 10:30 A.M Sunday , I would like to see the Old School Primitive Baptist in Kentucky get together and start re-opening some of these Old Churches . my number 239-246-4196
      1. old regular
        old regular
        Blessed Hope Old Regular Baptist Church Old School or Primitive 108 Spruce Pine Road , Columbia , Kentucky 42728
        Nov 14, 2021
    3. old regular
      old regular
      Do you know anything of the two Primitive Baptist churches in Richmond, KY area Little Bethel and Cane Springs?
    4. old regular
      old regular
      I was wondering about the IRVINE Primitive Baptist Church?
    5. old regular
      old regular
      I have not been on here for awhile, but I was wondering if you of any old school Baptist around Jamestown , Kentucky members are folks interested in Primitive Baptist
      1. old regular
        old regular
        We are also looking at Danville, Ky or Liberty
        Jun 16, 2019
      2. old regular
        old regular
        I was asking if anyone knew of any Old School Baptist living in South Central Kentucky are new to the area
        Jul 31, 2019
    6. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      good to know that you will remain to be baptists that is so good we are also baptist in sierra leone,West africa.Please let us be friends and prayer partner.Keep us in your prayers thanks
    7. kyredneck
      Will always be Primitive Baptist. My family and I have been blessed immensely through our involvement with the Church.
      1. old regular likes this.
    8. Hark
    9. SeekingTruth
      My brother and brother in Christ, Hubert Baker, better known to BB members as OldRegular, has been unable to log on since this past Sunday!

      Baptist Board promises to send a note with instructions for a new password but it never arrives “OR"!

      Sometimes it states that it is over one hour old and no longer usable!”
    10. kyredneck
      Brother Glen, I think you have me confused with someone else.
    11. tyndale1946
      You remember that discussion that we had about all the elect hearing the gospel. According to Elder Sonny Pyles and I sent you a link to that sermon you and all the brethren that embace that doctrinal stance are in error. The funny thing is that his son and him have been trying to get the brethren that hold that view to prove it by scripture but he and his son who is also a preacher have had no response. He gave this sermon in November of 2010 and it seems to me that you brethren who believe that would defend it. No response!... Yet you contend that this is the truth!... I don't and neither do any of the Pyle preachers and Elder Sonny Has been preaching a long time. If you believe your position is so rock solid you need to contact Sonny. Before you do that listen to what he says... Brother Glen

    12. Luke2427
      I just wanted to tell you that I find your posts very insightful. Thanks for them!

    13. OldRegular

      I am not really back. I got on the forum for the first time in months and saw a thread by "ituttut"; thought I would pull his chain a little. Found out too late that he was taking leave until after Thanksgiving.

      I left the forum primarily because of my wife's poor health. I also found that in some discussions, I got overheated.

      I can heartily agree that Apostate Judaism is representative of Babylon the harlot. The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD was certainly included in the prophecy of the Olivet discourse. I suppose that makes me a partial preterist but I certainly reject full preterism. I simply believe that there are too many Scripture passages that can only be understood by the return of Jesus Christ at the last day.

      I certainly enjoy your insights on Scripture. I fully expect that we will meet some day. May GOD continue to bless you, your family, and your faith until HE either takes you home or returns.

    14. Old Union Brother
      Old Union Brother
      I've been trying to find a Lloyd's and a Goble hymnal. Do you know where I can find them. My daughter is a student at EKU. so I travel through Irvine occasionally. What weekend does your home church meet. We are on the second Saturday, saturday night, and Sunday.

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    Irvine Primitive Baptist
    Satisfying my curiosity, reading, gardening, huntin' fishin' hikin', just about anything outdoors
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