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Jan 8, 2014 at 8:33 PM
Feb 7, 2002
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<b>Moderator</b> <img src =/israel.gif>, from Tennessee

LadyEagle was last seen:
Jan 8, 2014
    1. Gamer
    2. Gamer
      hello, Lady Eagle. Gwyneth from Wales here. I have been looking for users that I recognise to ask if re is still a daily reading plan on BB. saw you here and hope you can help
    4. One Baptism
    5. church mouse guy
      church mouse guy
      I should like to complain about Zaac's refusal to stay on topic on the thread about No future for those who slander the prophet, which is in the political section. I would appreciate it if you would delete his posts since I have already asked him to stay on topic and he refuses.
      1. Gamer
    6. Salty
      I think it's time to close the most evil man in America (History) one certian indivial is just repeating the same post over and over and over
    7. Crabtownboy
      I have posted notices a number of time on Bro Curtis use of insults and inflammatory words in posts on various threads. To my knowledge he has never been warned or cautioned about his language. I do not understand why this is so. I do believe that many of his comments, if posted by others, would draw comments from administrators. Can you give me a rational reason why he is allowed to continually insult others and me with no consequences?

      I will appreciate hearing your reply.
    8. blackbird
      There's a calvin thread in History forum that may go ugly!!!
    9. Nevada
      This group may be the numero uno one fighting for immigration reform. It is a grand counter to La Rasa!

    10. OldRegular
      Why was the thread "Abstinence" removed?
    11. righteousdude2
      deleted for privacy
    12. righteousdude2
      deleted for privacy
    13. righteousdude2
      Matt went WAY too far. It is time to delete him as a member. This is a privacy violation at its worst.

      matt wade
      4,000 Posts Club Join Date: Jan 2009
      Location: Jacksonville, FL
      Posts: 4,606


      <edited for privacy> LE
    14. poncho
      . . . . . :wavey:
    15. LadyEagle
      You're welcome.
    16. righteousdude2
      Thank you for "deleting" Matt's comments. I appreciate it more than you can begin to know.
    17. righteousdude2
      RE: Politics Forum - Let's all blame George Bush post # 28

      This is not Christ like, and I am personally getting tired of the way this board allows him to "snipe" away at members. I am asking that this comment be removed. It is unnecessary, rude, and insulting to anyone who is older. I TAKE PERSONAL OFFENSE.

      Wade is being totally disrespectful of others.
    18. righteousdude2
      Please remove this thread. It is doing more harm than good.

      I'm tired of MP attacking my books, which had nothing to do with this post, and this is not the first time he has attacked my books and the fact that they are self-published.

      IMHO, MP is a bully, and in my case, he is forever coming after my integrity. This is not Christ like (breaking your own rules as a board), and he needs to change his attitude, because if he treats others as he treats me, he makes the Board look bad to those who visit.

      I expect the Board to give him a warning. He pushed a lot of buttons on this post, and I don't appreciate the tone he uses in coming after my posts, their content, and my replies.

      As for that post, I was compliant, and when I saw that the info was bogus, I removed it and apologized, but MP wanted more from me, and continued to push buttons.

      Please look into this. I wasn't guilt free, but, I was pushed into my anger by his continued prodding.

      Pastor Paul
    19. Salty
    20. shinninglight
      Why were you so quick to shut down my topic just as I was to respond to some of the comments by the responders? The topic should be reopened. Its the right thing to do. There was no reason to close it. I obviously struck a chord but I wanted to clarify that it was the comments about Obama that sounded racist not the responders. One of those responders stated that Obama kills babies, that crazy. Women who want abortions and doctors who perform them kill babies. As a moderator who need, not should, need to moderate in such a way to encourage valuable dialog within reason. You rushing, thats right, you rushed to lock. Your personal thoughts took the better of you. Please reopen or you will have lost my total respect. Noticed I said please.
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    Per Jesus: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:" Matthew 12:25
    Keep looking up Christian American - It's going to be a rough ride from here on out!