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Mar 10, 2016 at 3:30 PM
May 12, 2004
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Full-time ministry dealing with New Age


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Mar 10, 2016
    1. Eric B
      Eric B
      >They did a lot more than twist anything or change events! It's an entirely different system and different god than Judaism. Judiasm did have the right God because those who believed in God were saved (see Abraham).

      The Kabbalah is not Judaism. It's a gnostic/mystical/occult spinoff. You can find this from every religion.(1448666)

      The point was, it was something added to the religion, and now seen as its spiritual core (at least by the Chasidics; who are probably the most religious and conservative of the Jews).

      The Judaism you refer to that was saved was before Christ. After Christ, they are pretty much in the same boat as Islam. In fact, their spiritual heritage will be something they will be all the more condemed by (hence Rom. 2:9, etc).

      Though I never did get the chance to say that yeah, what this guy did was beyond pushing the envelope. Many in parts of new-evangelicalism have just become all-inclusive virtual liberals.
    2. jenni
      Thank you for trying to help
      The last thing you said what very helpful thank you again and God bless.
      Sorry if i started any trouble i apologize.
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    Washington DC Area
    Full-time ministry dealing with New Age
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    Ch. Baptist
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