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Oct 14, 2007
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On the "Left Coast!"
Retired Social Service Agency Administrator/Pastor


Well-Known Member, Male, from On the "Left Coast!"

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I'm totally and thoroughly blowing this "pop stand" when HE Returns! Feb 13, 2019

    1. righteousdude2
      I'm totally and thoroughly blowing this "pop stand" when HE Returns!
    2. Jedi Knight
      Jedi Knight
    3. The American Dream
      The American Dream
      Thank you for the friend request Pastor Paul. I am thankful to be back and hopefully have learned to be more Christ like in my posts. Hope this finds you and your family well. God Bless.

      1. righteousdude2
        Glad you're back too!
        Jan 26, 2020
    4. Jedi Knight
      Jedi Knight
      The Honor is mine friend!
    5. matt wade
      matt wade
      "Wade has physically threatened me on two occasions"

      What a victim you love to play. You know this simply isn't true and is nothing but you inventing drama.
    6. righteousdude2
      Thanks for asking ...Not angry. Just frustrated with Zaac, uot, itl, rippon, thousand hills ganging up on me. I can take a lot. But insults, judgement, innuendos that I need psychological help or I am senile, or comments degrading my skills as a writer, etc., grow old quickly. Wade has physically threatened me on two occasions, and when he posts past comments he fails ti paste the complete story which is him provoking me to make comments.

      So no I am not angry. Just disgusted with the same smart ass comments, cheap shots and character assassination. So I decide to take them on, and then they pile on.

      I love this ministry, but there are these guys that make enjoying the board difficult at times. Thanks fo asking. I don't know why you ask, but I trust you will not stab me in the back like them. :smilewinkgrin:
    7. Rolfe
      I have noticed a marked change in your mood the last several weeks. You seem angrier. Are you okay?
    8. Rolfe
      RD- If you will, please PM me. I have a question for you that is probably better not asked publicly. Thanks.
    9. Salty
      Did you see my post in the Private mens section
    10. Archie the Preacher
      Archie the Preacher
      Hello Righteous Dude. I got your friend request and tried to accept it, but I'm not sure anything happened. The request message is still there. I'm not ignoring you or putting you off, whatever happened.
    11. righteousdude2
      Yeah, Rick, my neuropathy is getting worse, and I never get to bed before 7 in the morning! Which is why I am never up until 4 in the afternoon. My chronic pain, fibromyalgia [set off with severe neuropathy] and neuropathy have made me a permanent graveyard shift person! I pray you and your pain subside. I had back surgey in 1991 [remove disks from L-2 through S-1 and fused me, and put in metal bars, still there]. I unerstand quite well the topic of pain! Thans for caring enough to notice and write! Love you bro!
    12. SolaSaint
      Up late? I hope you are OK, my back & side pain isn't allowing me to sleep.
    13. Salty
      what is the FB page
    14. righteousdude2
      She did the same with me. In fact she begged me to call her. I explained that I never did this with on line acquaintances. From that point forward I was called a poor friend and a person she couldn't depend on. Then to amp up the guilt, she said I can see why you were married twice, no desire to commit? This woman was a problem, and more sick - emotionally - that any of imagined. The way she took things from my past and attacked me proved that had I called, she would have come after me at my home. Smart choice on both our behalves. Shalom!
    15. saturneptune
      Well, it takes several days to get a new account approved, as I recall from eight years ago. I meant to tell you, something really odd about Matt 22. She PMed me and wanted me to call her. She gave me her phone number. I deleted the message. Besides having nothing to say to her, that would have gone over like a lead baloon with my wife. I never could figure out why she wanted to talk to me after the language she used about one of my posts. Guess I will never know. One of the oddest posters I have seen. Hope all is well with you.
    16. righteousdude2
      Let's hope. Another member noted that Matt was banned on 6/6/13 and Tis Me joined on 6/6/13. Co-inky-dink?
    17. saturneptune
      I read some of the posts. They seem very similar in style and substance except for one thing, the person seems to be much more positive without that constant anger. I know that Matt22 lives somewhere in California, but am not familiar with the area. I also know she is heavily into facebook with the long posts. It is hard to say if it is the same person or not. I thought the moderators double checked the IP addresses of the people banned against those who just applied.
    18. Matt22:37-39
      ok so tell me how you fond my name out? I never gave it to you...not that I have anything to hide I don't just wondering?...no fear of talking on the phone I'm very secure with myself not to be a stalker type...To me someone doesn't want anything to do with me, I say goodbye...it is their LOSS!...I want to know for real your not messing with me, not convinced yet...especially since you know m name and I don't know your...tell you what call me...just put in *67 and then my number and it will show up private.
    19. Matt22:37-39
      does my picture show up to you I don't see it near my name?
    20. Matt22:37-39
      why did you want to "friend" me when you don't like me?
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    On the "Left Coast!"
    Retired Social Service Agency Administrator/Pastor
    Home Church:
    Center Pointe/Colton Baptist Church ( SBC)
    Favorite Verse:
    Romans 1:16-32/1 Thess. 4:16-17
    I am a born again (12/24/66). I was filled with the Holy Ghost shortly thereafter. I was ordained into a SBC in 1987, in the Bloomington First Southern Baptist Fellowship in Bloomington, CA.


    [SIGPIC]"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it." Matthew 7:13-14[/SIGPIC]
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