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Mar 20, 2001
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    1. Kathy (McKInley) Haigler
      Kathy (McKInley) Haigler
      Dr. Peter Connolly & his wife ?Francis? were family friends with Charles & Shirley McKinley in Pasadena, TX. When he died, Charles gave him a spot in the family plot -the marker says “McKinley Connolly” at Forest Park East cemetery in League City, TX. I have photos of his headstone: “Dr. Peter Connolly 1900-1969”. My cell is 281-923-8015 and my email address is [email protected].
    2. agedman
      I wanted you to know a bit concerning the mention of the preacher. Here is a link to a phone interview with the former wife. https://youtu.be/h0Je_QJ-7wY

      You can read more on line.

      I was there, very involved, very few families survived, …..
    3. asterisktom
      Good morning! I just wanted you to know that I responded to your questions by starting a new thread. BTW, we lived in Wichita Falls and, more recently, 11 years in Del Rio, Texas.
      1. rlvaughn
        Thanks. As you know, Texas is a big place. We are on the eastern side, probably 4-1/2 hours from Wichita Falls. We drove through there once going to Amarillo. Del Rio is likely 8 hours drive. Closest I've been to there is Uvalde.
        May 11, 2021
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    4. Ronnie Vaughan
      Ronnie Vaughan
      Both Amazon and Ebay Currently have a book listed you might be interested in. Look up "A Juror's Verdict: On The King James Only Debate: By Jonathan E. Stonis"
      1. rlvaughn
        Thanks, Ronnie. I appreciate the information. Do you know anything about the author? Have a blessed day.
        Apr 22, 2021
    5. PreacherBruce
      Hi Brother Vaughn,

      Thank you for recommending that a separate thread be started on the divorce and remarriage issue. I appreciate that.

      Sadly, I found that the posts degenerated to a large extent into childish quarrelling and strawman arguments. I did get in contact with a pastor recommended by one of the Baptist Board members. This may lead to an opportunity for church membership.

      Thank you,
      Brother Bruce
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    6. Walking bible
      Walking bible
      Following you, your my first one to follow, thanks for replies. Shalom.
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    7. Eric B
      Eric B
      Re: “Separation taken too far?” [I can't post there)]. “Would someone clarify what "Way of the Master churches" are?”
      WOTM is a ministry (of Ray Comfort) that is part of the “Lordship” movement, associated with John MacArthur. Which means they're actually Calvinist, but sort of hide it.
    8. Covenanter
      Now I'm haunted by "Farther on."
      Are you on facebook?
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    9. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Good day my brother thanks for the good work greetings from sierra leone West africa
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