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“Name 3”

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by 4ever4Jesus, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. 4ever4Jesus

    4ever4Jesus New Member

    May 25, 2010
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    Hey all. My name is RJ, Robbie Joseph. Joseph is my middle name. Don’t confuse me to Joseph Smith he’s that Mormon that kind of bugs me hahaha.

    Well I have not gone to the bible section here yet. It is ok I’m studying at home. I’ll get over there. I’m sure there is some good posting going on in bible anyways. How can I say I am the one with all the answers? The Lord is using many of us to share his Gospel but even so to fellowship. That’s what we got games for and other topics.

    This game is called name 3

    It is an easy game basically a question is asked. Put down 3 of your best answers. This game is for fun. No one loses. Hey it’s all for the fun. I stay within God’s boundaries as no one will be asking questions that God would hate. If you may not know many come to read at forums. We present an example before them. Let us show this World with Jesus we can have clean fun. Ok my name is not Jeff Foxworthy of Smarter than a Fifth grader hahaha. But here is the first question.

    Name 3 of your favorite colors. Any color at all for example if you wear make up and like lavender that is fine. Also you can but do not have to in the answer give reasons why. I like to put why it makes it more interesting. I’ll put the first 3 to give you an example

    1.I like blue because it reminds me of the sky and water. I don’t usually prefer light blues as I am a male. Light is not cool with me. But light blue on a woman is fine.

    2.I like Purple. This was actually my mom’s favorite color. I began to like this a lot when I got purple shades. But it also reminds me of Jesus being a King clothed in Purple.

    3.I like aqua turquoise. This is like the water at a tropical island. Not around here. Lake Michigan was just a bit too dirty water to be the tropical hahaha.

    Ok that’s the example. Who wants to name the next 3 colors they like? Remember you don’t have to say why. But it is fun if you do.
  2. God's Rainbowgal

    God's Rainbowgal New Member

    Jun 12, 2010
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    My Colors

    Blue is for sure #1 with me. Any shade of blue I love because to me is tranquil.

    #2 would be Pink because to me it is just a very soft color and was my Mom's favorite also.

    #3 Purple because when I see this color for some reason I just start staring at whatever has this color. So it's just an attracting color.