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Discussion in 'Jokes & Humor (Clean)' started by ChristianLady1978, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. ChristianLady1978

    ChristianLady1978 New Member

    Mar 17, 2012
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    One day a man was working in his yard. He was finishing watering his flowers when his neighbors came down the street after walking their dog. Their 6 year old daughter was with them. As good neighbors do, they stopped to chat with the man.

    After exchanging pleasantries the man turned to the little girl and asked, "And what do you want to be when you grow up?" The little girl replied, "I want to be President of the United States!" Her very liberal Democrat parents smiled.

    The man said, "Wow, that's a big ambition you have there! Tell me, if you were President of the United States, what would be the first thing you would do?" The little girl replied, "I would give food and houses to all of the homeless people."

    The man replied, "Well sweetie, you don't need to be president to do that. For example, you could come to my house each week and I could pay you $50 to mow my yard, pull my weeds, and water my flowers. You could then take that $50 and give it to the homeless man who hangs out near the grocery store and he could save it to buy food and a home." The little girl looked at him and said, "If that's so, why doesn't the homeless man come do that work for himself and earn that $50?"

    The man grinned. "Welcome to the Republican Party!"

    At of today, the little girl's parents are no longer speaking to the man. ;)
  2. Salty

    Salty 20,000 Posts Club

    Apr 8, 2003
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    Something tells me that could actually be true!

    A few years ago, I asked a teenager what political party she wanted to be part of. Without hesitation, she said Republican. When I asked why she said that when she got her first paycheck and saw how much they took out in taxes, she decided to become a Republican.