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A New Way To Bring The Gospel To Teens

Discussion in 'Travel Forum' started by Sirjotalot, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. Sirjotalot

    Sirjotalot Guest

    Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders,
    If you are looking for a new way to reach the Generation X and the their cohorts then please consider going to http://www.astroarc1.com where you will find the next generation in advertising (which in this case means placing "your" message directly onto) flier that I have called the Astro Arc #1.
    The Astro Arc #1 is the next generation in a push gravity to the limit flying arc which is exactly what these kids are doing with their lives (pushing them to the limits). This arc throws like a frisbee and comes back like a boomerang indoors without wind flying straight out and coming straight back,(just like Jesus is going to come back someday).
    You supply the stiff thin Cardboard and your printer, I have supplied the design that you can download and place your message or Bible verse onto. Then after testing your arc then, if you like, you can take it to a professional printer and mass produce if you are able financially. Or keep making them on your own printer, all you want. You will also have to cut out the design being careful not to bend the cardboard too much. There are better instructions at the website for other methods as well.
    This is free to use and you only compensate me, if and only if, you are more than happy with the results, then only what you feel I should receive. My first love is Jesus Christ and I believe that my ideas are a gift from Him so I am more concerned with spreading the Gospel than whether or not anyone wants to compensate me. Remember where your treasure is your heart will be also:) If my design will help save one lost teen, then my work has born fruit.
    It is my sincere prayer that everyone who is trying to reach todays youth would use my totally digitized design, and that God would bless those who are doing as Jesus commanded, making more disciples to help spread the gospel for His coming Kingdom.
    Thank you for reading my message and I hope you will pass this on to any Missionaries around the world to help them too. God Bless.
    Charles Griffith Fennell