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Airborne rebellion:

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by poncho, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. poncho

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    Mar 30, 2004
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    Group urges ‘national opt-out day’ for airport body scanners

    Pilots, flight attendants lead public opposition to intrusive new measures

    TSA employee reportedly admitted pat-down involving touching of genitals meant to intimidate people into using body scanners

    As public anger grows over the TSA's body scanners and intrusive new airport pat-down procedure, a Web site is urging travelers to "opt out" from the body scanners and instead choose to have a pat-down in public view, so that everyone can "see for themselves how the government treats law-abiding citizens."

    OptOutDay.com declares November 24 to be the day when air travelers should refuse to submit to a full body scan and choose the enhanced pat-down -- an option many travelers have described as little short of a molestation.

    OptOutDay.com declares:

    It's the day ordinary citizens stand up for their rights, stand up for liberty, and protest the federal government's desire to virtually strip us naked or submit to an "enhanced pat down" that touches people's breasts and genitals. You should never have to explain to your children, "Remember that no stranger can touch or see your private area, unless it's a government employee, then it's OK."

    Full Article.

    While the corporate media characterizes opposition to airport oppression as a disgruntled minority, Drudge has led the charge in exemplifying that the backlash is in reality part of a rapidly accelerating national outrage that now includes no less than five major travel bodies as well as a flight attendants union.

    In addition, individual cases of oppression at the hands of TSA thugs are now pouring in, with Drudge ensuring they receive the attention they deserve by making airport outrage a top story on his website for days on end.

    With an estimated 2 million-plus individual visitors a day and a gargantuan 500 million page views a month, it’s no surprise that Drudge’s extensive coverage of the issue has prompted a tidal wave of unions, travel associations, pilots and individuals to come out in opposition to TSA molestation.

    With the Electronic Privacy Information Center already engaged in a lawsuit challenging the legality of naked body scanners, the ACLU has also opened a web page inviting members of the public to submit reports of TSA abuse in the interests of future action. SOURCE

    People resisting. Image that.
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