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"al Queda - Part 2 They're Back..."

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by righteousdude2, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Oct 14, 2007
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    ...here's the dirty little secret Obama doesn't want anyone to know [at least until after the election, which is why Romney says the US should remain in Afghanistan]: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/21/al-qaeda-afghanistan-comeback_n_1997994.html

    On top of this the Taliban is also making it's presence known: https://www.carnegieendowment.org/2012/09/20/waiting-for-taliban-in-afghanistan/dvkr

    What do the Wizard of Oz and Obama have in common? They both operate behind a curtain, and make great use of the old smoke and mirror routine. The only real difference between them is that the Wizard is pure fiction, and Obama is real and (seemingly) hell-bent on ruining this nation [MHO of course]!!!

    Be sure to vote, and get others to do the same, especially if they want to see Obama retired on January 20, 2013!
  2. targus

    targus New Member

    Feb 10, 2008
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    Al Queda was never gone to begin with.

    Killing Bin Laden was not the end of al Queda - Obama's claims not withstanding.
  3. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    You know what's missing from both these articles? The long history of our support for these Islamic extremists. I suppose in order to get the country behind Romney when he starts sending them even more arms and money in Libya and Syria and Iran as he promised these "authors" have to leave it out.

    No siree we don't need less interventionism we need more of it. Much more of it! Just forget that it was we and our interventionism who created and sustained them in the first place.