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All is forgiven

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by TheGriff, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. TheGriff

    TheGriff New Member

    Jul 28, 2011
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    Several years ago, on a hacienda several miles away from Mexico City there lived Don Carlos, a widower with his only son Pedro. As Pedro grew into adolescence he often butted heads with his conservative father and one night they had a heated argument that came to blows.

    Seeing what he had done to his father Pedro immediately gathered up a few clothes and what money he had and headed for Mexico City.

    A few days later the father's pride and angered had subsided and he decided to go find Pedro and bring him home.

    All day long he walked down the busy streets of Mexico City asking everyone who crossed his path "Have you see Pedro?" or "Do you know where Pedro is?"

    He went through the slums and to the prisons and hospitals, without any luck.

    The day was waining so in desperation he went to a printer and had 500 signs printed. The sign had the simple message.


    All is forgiven. Meet me at the San Lazaro Train Station tomorrow at noon and I will take you home.

    Hes spent the night posting the sign throughout the city.

    The next day he made his way the train station when he ran into a police barricade.

    "I have to get through!" He told the officer, "I told my son Pedro I would be there."

    "So you're the one!" the police officer said, "Come with me!"

    And so Don Carlos followed the officer a few blocks to the San Lazaro Train Station where 900 Pedros had gathered where each held out the hope that he was the Pedro who was the object of his father's forgiveness.

    So, now, when I think of who God is and what I am, I can never wrap my head around why He would desire fellowship with me. Charles Spurgeon in illustrating the doctrine of unconditional election said, "God must have loved me before I was born, for there was little to love after I was born."

    And through it all the cross stand through time crying out to all who have run away from the shelter of their Father, "All is forgiven!"