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Any "Version" the word of God?

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by Salamander, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Salamander

    Salamander New Member

    Jul 2, 2005
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    Originally Posted by Mexdeaf
    Some might construe that to be an attack against the Word of God. Suppose that someone said, "Sure it is, it's what came off him that the KJV is made of!" No one would be laughing then.

    You're right. It WAS an attack on the Word of God and without excuse. Public warning, esp to Salamander - "You attack God's Word and you will be on the outside looking in. God's Word, in a great variety of English translations, is too precious to us to put up with your vile mouth."
    Dr Bob
    "Jesus knows me, this I love"

    What I said:Quote:
    Originally Posted by Salamander
    Sure it is, it's what came off him that some versions are made of! Now if you can train that bigboy to quit running back to the hogpen!:laugh:

    To clarify what I said, I SAID! "some versions".

    I reported Dr. Bob's reply as found above.

    I see he has the "right" to openly attack my person by stating his belief I have a "vile mouth".

    If it having this "vile mouth" as he describes to say that some versions/ the NWT, the Ebonics Version: which uses cuss words to relate the word of God, the Street language Versions which uses some very offensive to ANYONE vernacular have some hogwash in them, then by all means

    BAN ME!

    Is it now to be understood that anything that claims to be the word of God is now version and awarded the title "God's word"?

    I could say that Dr. Bob has a vile temperament when it comes to me personally, but that would get me banned, so I won't, yet he can do just that towards another member and get away with it.:1_grouphug:

    I wonder, do all "versions" rate the title or no?

    Does anyone really care enough about the Bible to stand up against the abuse of God's word as found in some "versions' as listed above?

    I already know the bias of some will not permit them to behave civilly in this discussion, so please excuse yourself from this if you fit that description!:tonofbricks:
  2. NaasPreacher (C4K)

    NaasPreacher (C4K) Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2003
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    Inflammatory thread closed.
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