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Are we all inherently good and incapable of committing atrocious evil?

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Neonap, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Neonap

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    Feb 14, 2017
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    Are many of us just good individuals with a few bad seeds that ruin the peace we are trying to build within this world? If these mistakes of nature did not come to existence, then our world would not be polluted with the daily evils we see on a daily basis. These robotic devils which are the personification of evil wearing human skin contaminating us with their inhumanity, causing us so called good people to drown in their evil cesspool. Individuals like Ed Gein or now the deceased Charles Manson, they they the problem of the world. But is this view correct?

    My observation and study of biblical scripture, some of human history and human nature leads me to the conclusion that this is simply not true. I don't have the view that anyone is born a Stewie, ready from birth to kill as many as possible nor this theory that only a select few have the capability of committing evil. I believe it is more complex than we could ever understand, including the fact that we don't wrestle with flesh and blood but behind it all there is a supernatural battle for our souls.

    Many people hold the false belief that we all are inherently good but flawed with mistakes. But I don't agree, we all are sinners and commit sin whether in thought or deed. People look at people like Ed Gein or Charles Manson and spout their belief that they are not like those two mistakes of nature, that their hand would never do such a horrible things like these two individuals had done. The truth is, no one is exempt from committing atrocious acts of evil, and evil comes in many sizes and shapes that we all wear. We are all capable falling into the jaws of evil.

    I beleive that the stain of evil lies within us all and it takes a certain situation or circumstance for the evil in us to materialize. If we were so good, then let us do away with laws and the governments of the world. What kind of world would sprout from such anarchy?

    If people are willing to stomp on one another or in some instances kill their fellow man for a material object on black Friday, than who's to say how we would act with true and utter anarchy in the world?
    If we could save ourselves with our common humanity than why did Jesus have to come die on the cross then? We could just get into heaven for being decent human beings and our good deeds could open the doors to heaven.

    It's only by the grace of God we don't act out on our darkest desires and fantasies, Ed Gein is not an anomaly. We look down on people who are worse than us, put a label on something and make ourselves more comfortable to downsize the possibility that we could have had gone down the same road as Ed Gein, but we are only looking at a reflection of oursleves. The same evil that lied within that man's heart, is the same evil that is present within every beating heart.

    I would suggest looking into the book called ordinary men, because this book exposes what lengths of depravity that normal good decent people who had families had fallen into. We are not better than the murderers, pedophiles, rapists, dictators, adulterers, etc etc. For we are all are fallen human beings who are guilty of breaking God's laws every day. We all have skeletons hiding deep within our closets, away from view but God can see how wicked our hearts truly are. For even if we have hatred for anyone, the bible tells us that we are a murderer.( I'm guilty of this)For if we look at a woman with lust, we have commited adultery within our own hearts. What's stopping you from acting out these desires? God's grace and the fact that there are consequences that we would have to face, but if we were to take those consequences away would we still keep walking on the non crooked path?

    Is my way of thought wrong or stupid? Or is it biblically accurate?
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