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Bad Strategy?

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by HankD, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. HankD

    HankD Well-Known Member
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    May 14, 2001
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    I'm not a big fan of Rush but if he's on the radio when I have long drive ahead I'll listen.

    Of course to the Progressive Left (PL) he is a constant irritation (as well as to some/many on the right).

    However the following strategy lacks wisdom IMO.


    Some of the potential backlash of unintended consequences:

    1) It will inspire his avid base to provide extra support and resource.
    2) Human curiosity being what it is, trumpeting his pecadillo will greatly increase his listenership which will understandably win new corporate Ad supporters.
    3) He will take advantage of and lambast the hypocrisy of the PL champions who have done and said far worse (e.g. Bill Maher and many others).
    4) A new book (e.g. Persecution, the Sequel.) will be forthcoming adding to the entertainers coffers.

    Better left alone to dry up on it's own (IMO).

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  2. SolaSaint

    SolaSaint Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2009
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    The lefties truly do have a double standard when it comes to playing media police. They let Bill Maher and Ed Shultz and many others say some of the most hateful stuff and then cry foul when a conservative does the same. What a bunch of whiners.

    What worries me is if they are successful in bring the Rush empire to a close (don't think it will) then who is next? Christian talk radio, or maybe even the church? I may sound like a conspiracy nutt but who knows?