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Being a wise steward

Discussion in 'Money Talk$' started by freeatlast, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. freeatlast

    freeatlast New Member

    Mar 1, 2004
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    We all know that we are to be wise stewards, keep out of debt, save for the future and so on. Also we are not to be worriers and I hold to these while trusting in the Lord. However I do have a question after some explanation We all are aware of this hard economic time. We all hear how each of the two parties are going to make it all better, but there is a big problem. I am wondering if we should really trust these guys since both parties got us into this? (I don't)

    We are currently around 14 trillion dollars in debt and most likely this number is low since our government has the problem with honesty. While the number 14 trillion sounds like a lot it is really more then just a lot. In my opinion we have long crossed the line of no return and headed for a total melt down of this nation. If I would put a time line on it I would say no more then 5 or 10 years before we go under, but who knows for sure even though I am convinced it will happen sooner then later.

    Just to give some perspective let me give some numbers explaining our problem. One trillion dollars is a million, million. In other words one trillion dollars is a million dollars a day, every day for over 2739 years. We are now at the 14 trillion dollar mark and it increases 4.17 billion per day . This is an absolute impossible amount to repay even though some say different. The problem is that even those who claim we can fix this they cannot tell us how. While some do offer suggestions they know the suggestions are simply not going to happen. Now it would be bad enough if we owed all this to ourselves since we possibly could just wipe the slate clean and start again as painful as that might be, but we owe 25% to 35% to other governments which can pull our strings and do. in other words we no longer are sole owners of our own country. We are not even keeping up with the interest in this debt much less the principle. We are now borrowing every year to keep the government afloat. There is no excess and has not been any since before the Regan years even though President Clinton lied and said he had a balanced budget which was nothing but a play on words (God calls it a lie). We continue to give money to other countries, but we have to borrow every dollar to do it. There is no surplus! It is not simply that our Social security will go broke, but our whole government is already broke. Again there is not a dime of excess since we are borrowing to even keep our government open. Every time the Federal Government writes a check, part of that check is borrowed money. In truth we are bankrupt, but we are holding out until someone calls in the note, and it will happen. So as I said I believe that we will default as a nation in the near future and our money will become basically worthless because of devaluation. Something like Mexico but much worse.

    I have said all this to ask this. If what I am saying is even somewhat accurate, and I believe it is very accurate, how should we be planning for what is to come? What investments, safeguards and planning should we be doing?
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  2. billwald

    billwald New Member

    Jun 28, 2000
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    Booze, ciggy butts, guns and ammo are a safe short time investment.