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Can we trust Dr. Lawrence Vance's literature?

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by robycop3, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. robycop3

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    Jul 31, 2000
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    Many KJVOs swear by some of the articles written by Dr. Lawrence Vance as if he were some kinda Bible authority. Keeping in mind that his doctorate is "Ph.D.", whose holders are often at odds with Christianity, let's look at some of his views.

    Here's from his article, The AV 1611: Purified seven times:

    As you know, there isn't the slightest hint anywhere that God has EVER specially "authorized" the AV 1611/KJV or any other version. All the "authorizing" of it that we know about is that done by King James I of Great Britain.

    And the whole theme of his article is based upon the HERESY that God's word had to be purifies seven times before He finally "got it right" in the KJV. Poppycock. God "got it right" in every time, place, & language in which He has caused His word to be written.

    But before we say this post belongs in the "versions/translations" forum, let's move away from the KJVO garbage to some of his other views.

    He is against school vouchers. Evidently he must believe that the old compulsory "busing" system was OK.

    He is ANTI-WAR. Shoot, even soldiers are anti-war. But what would happen to our nations if we had no military, or showed hesitation in exerting its strength? I saw the results firsthand in a place we called 'Nam. We saw some 58000 dead in a half-hearted 'police action' our govt. wasn't even trying to win. We coulda won the 'Nam war as quickly and easily as we won Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom. As MacArthur said,"there is no substitute for VICTORY." If ya don't wanna win a war or a fight, then stay outta them.


    His political views are Libertarian. He doesn't hesitate to denounce both the Dems & the GOP for their blunders, some real, some imagined when they don't jive with Libertarian ideals.

    He is a supporter of absolutely-free trade, with no tariffs for any reason. I can tell you this...If it weren't for the govt-imposed tariffs on certain types of imported steel, I prolly wouldn't have a job right now, or at least a high-paying one. the govts. of certain other nations were actually subsidizing their steel industries, allowing their steel companies to sell steel for less than it cost them to make it! Vance doesn't bother to include that FACT in his written tirades against protective tariffs. Shoot, if WE thus chose, we could drive just about every other nation's farmers & food processors outta business since we can produce & process enormous amounts of most foods quite cheaply.

    My conclusion...Dr. Vance is a "jack of all trades & master of none" except selling literature. Can we REALLY trust him to teach us anything about WORSHIP?