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Can YOU Be Corrected?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Strong’s Hebrew # 8433 – REPROOF
    Includes: correction, arguments, and if correction is still not received, then punishment

    Believers who can repent after their correction will have God’s Spirit poured out upon them and His words will be made known unto them (Prov 1:23); But those who refuse, and disregard their correction, God is going to laugh when their distress, and fear comes upon them (1:26).

    And when they call upon God in their time of need, He will not answer (Prov 1:28); Why is this? Because these believers hated knowledge, they despised all of their corrections, and did not want (wise) counsel, so they could not choose the fear of the LORD (1:29-30).

    Therefore they shall eat the fruit of living their own way, and be filled with their own devices (Prov 1:31); Our own way is evil (Jm 4:13&16); Those who are in their own way cannot perform anything good (Rom 7:18); These are wretched believers who need deliverance (7:24).

    Can YOU be corrected? Then you love this instruction, and its knowledge (Prov 12:1); And you understand that reproofs of instruction are the way of life (6:23); Because believers who refuse correction ARE in error, and without life (God at work) (Prov 10:17).

    God sent authority (the rod) and corrections give wisdom, but those who are left to themselves are brought to shame (Prov 29:15); Correction is only grievous to those who forsake the way, and those who hate it shall perish (15:10); Believers who can hear reproof of life can abide among the wise (15:31).

    This is why open rebuke is better than love that is concealed (Prov 27:5); And the wounds of a friend are faithful, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful (27:6); Love speaks the truth so that others may grow up, for we know nothing about love unless we know that love edifies (Eph 4:15-16).

    Can YOU hear your correction?? Then you can be instructed and get understanding (Prov 15:32); Being holy is having understanding (Prov 9:10); This is why God calls us to be holy as He is holy (1Pet 1:16-15); So that we can be obedient children, who are no longer in lusts, and ignorance (1:14).

    This is why ALL scripture is given for doctrine, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness so that the man/or woman of God can become perfect, and thoroughly complete to do all good works (2Tim 3:16-17); PROVIDING they can continue in these things and learn them (3:14); Without which we ARE deceived, and we deceive others (3:13); And all of this is Because we won’t learn doctrine, AND how to love others within longsuffering patience (3:10).

    How many times have you been reproved? If not many, then it is not the way of life for you, and you are in error, because you hate instruction (in the name of Jesus no less) (Prov10:17) Do you even know what God is going to do to His (so-called) people that do not listen to His words?? They are going to be punished “SEVEN” times worse punishment in hell (because of naming His name and NOT doing His commands) (Lev 26:18, 21, 24, &28)

    Just like the scripture says, it would be better for these believers to not have known the way of righteousness, then after they have learned it to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them (2Pet 2:21); Especially after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of Jesus, and then they are now entangled again, and overtaken (through rebellion) their latter end is going to be much worse for them then the beginning. (2:20).

    Believers who cannot receive correction ARE:
    1. Disobedient
    2. They don’t Trust in the Lord
    3. They can’t draw near to God (Zep 3:2)

    And all of this is because these believers have people around them who are “unfaithful, and light” (with the word of God) and their priests (pastors) have polluted their sanctuary, because they have violently (mishandled) the word of God .(Zep 3:4)

    This is why we are warned to beware of false prophets because they do come in sheep’s clothing, so it’s not about their outward appearance, or how “friendly” they are, it’s about HOW they teach the word of God!! (Mat 7:15).

    These false prophets have your faith standing in their wisdom, which is of men, and NOT of God and in the power of God because they use words that entice you. (1 Cor 2:4-5); Ministers of The Holy Spirit do NOT teach with man’s enticing wisdom, but demonstrates power by the Spirit that compares scripture with scripture, because they understand that the teaching of the letter (literal) kills us, but in the Spiritual, gives us life (because it is all about God working, NOT us working (Cor 2:4,13, 2Cor 3:6).