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Christians Only Need Apply?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Nevada, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Nevada

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    Oct 3, 2009
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    Does USA = Christianity?

    Have any of you come across the writings of a California professor named, "Kevin MacDonald"? He is a tenured professor at a state university, and his field is evolutionary psychology. He looks at Judaism from a Darwinian perspective.

    And the conclusions he draws are labelled anti-Semitic by watchers such as the "Southern Poverty Law Center" (But then, the SPLC throws that label around pretty freely.). His faculty has distanced itself from him. Etc. Etc.

    I don't want to address his views of Judaism.

    What I find interesting are his calls for the USA to remain . . well, as it is. White, and presumably Christian. (At least that is what people are saying he advocates. I haven't talked to him, or read his precise opinion.) I have checked out a group he is a board member of, and some people posting on the group's wall at, "Facebook", seemed as if they'd be OK with that idea of maintaining a Christian population dominance in America. (If you are on FaceBook, checkout "The Charles Martel Society". Or, just Google "Kevin MacDonald".)

    I notice the professor was raised Catholic, but I do not know his faith nowadays. I find it ironic whenever I see conservative Catholics posing as defenders of culture in America, and they get reeeal conservative! For much of this nation's history, Catholicism was viewed with suspicion. With good reason, in my opinion. The separation between government and religion was an outgrowth of the strife in Europe, and ultimately, the Protestant Reformation. (I once heard a man say something I'll quote here. Not to say I agree, but to illustrate a possible irony in MacDonald's thinking: "This wouldn't be a free country had it been founded by Jews or Catholics!")

    Today, a small number of enlightened Catholics, such as the late Jesuit Priest, John Courtney Murray, see how separation from government frees religion. The rest of the church's leadership appear to want a paycheck from the state. European-style.

    Whatever MacDonald's precise thoughts, what do you folks think of this notion that the USA is meant for Christians, and all others are mere guests, to stay numerically small in number (Hey! Isn' t that what people once wanted Catholics to do? )

    It's a topic we should all give thought to, as the future is approaching fast! (Anyone here want Customs and Immigration to give a religious test (Which are prohibited in the Constitution in regards to office holders!) ?)
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