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Critique: The Daniel Project Documentary on Biblical Prophecy

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by zrs6v4, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. zrs6v4

    zrs6v4 Member

    Oct 21, 2007
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    Recently on a netflix documentary adventure I discovered a newly added documentary called "The Daniel Project". In this brief documentary they came up with 20 prophecies, primarily from the Old Testament about what is to happen (Biblically) before the end of the age arrives. The thrust of the film seems to be to stir people up to see that the end is near rather than an in depth bible study on all chronological events that will occur. There are 20 prophetic claims made in the film with little Biblical focus on context or exegetical work. Here are the 20 given below with Biblical references given in the film:

    1. Israel will be dispersed. Deut. 28:64-66 and Lev. 26
    2. Jews will experience persecution throughout the world. Isaiah 3:24
    3. In the last days Jews will return to their homeland. Ez. 37 (they claimed fulfillment in 1948)
    4. Jerusalem will become the center of world tension. Zech 12
    5. The lost language of Hebrew will be restored to Israel as well as the bringing back of the currency of the shekel. Zephaniah (Did not mention specific reference)
    6. In the last days pools of water will appear in the desert. Ez. 45:!2
    7. The land of Israel will become fruitful in the sense of produce, trees, etc. Is. 41:18-20
    8. Man-made and natural disasters increase. Ez. 36:35, Is. 27:6/35:1
    9. Increase in lawlessness, moral, and social breakdown. Mathew 24
    10. Christian apostacy, mass spiritual delusion, anti-christ 2 Tim. 3:1-5
    11. A great leader to bring peace within a new world order. No scripture given
    12. world gvernment, forced financial system, and state-control. Rev. 13:16-18/20:4
    13. A peace treaty signed-yet a military coalition attacks Israel. No scripture given
    14. Earthquake large enough to split the Mount of Olives. Zech. 14:48, Ez. 47:1-10
    15. water will flow from under Jerusalem (fault line). see above references
    16. Rebuilding of the Jewish temple 3rd and final time. No scripture given
    17. The east gate of the Jerusalem wall sealed until the end. Ez. 44:1-3
    18. The kings of the east cross the Euphrates river for a great war. (200,000,000) Ez. 47:1-10, Rev. 9:14-16/16:12-16
    19. The great final battle of Armageddon. Rev. 16:16, Mathew 24, Jer. 25:33, Zech 14:12
    20. Only the wise and understand and escape (theme of documentary taken from Daniel 12:9)

    I will reserve my opinions and thoughts to hear others perspectives on the 20 major occurances leading up to the end of time. If you have not watched the film they spend a lot of time with various interviews and footage of fulfilled prophecy according to their view. If you agree with some or all points please state why. If you agree and can further support some above claims please do so with good interpretation skills explaining why the passage supports the claim.
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  2. OldRegular

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    Nov 21, 2004
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    Very sad that professing Christians are obsessed about Israel and the apostasy of the Church for which Jesus Christ died!