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Do You Have The Understanding?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, May 12, 2007.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Do You Have The Understanding?

    Understand Strongs #4920 The upright man of understanding, has the knowledge of the things that pertain to salvation, because he is able to join the things together which need to be perceived.
    Understand Strongs #3539 Therefore, we need to think upon, and consider certain things, so that we can perceive with our minds, and have true biblical understanding.
    Understand Strongs #1987 Consequently, our need to put our attention, and thoughts on the things so that we would be acquainted with them, and have the understanding of them is vitally important.
    Understand Strongs #3563 And so, the power to consider these things, judge, and determine these things is so that we could have understanding.
    Understand Strongs #1097 Thus, we need to learn these things, so that we can get knowledge, and have understanding, which can be known.

    We need to understand what the will of the Lord is so that we would not be unwise (Eph 5:17); And we cannot do the will of God without the knowledge of the doctrine of God (Jn 7:17); which doctrine has us lay the foundation of repentance from dead works (or our old man) for true faith towards God so that God might permit us to go on unto perfection. (Heb 6:1&3) We are NOT to receive anyone who does not bring/teach this doctrine of Christ, or we will partake in their evil deeds because these do not have the Father and the Son. (2Jn 1:9-11) To be perfect is the ability to love, even our enemies and those who despitefully use us. (Col 3:14, Matt 5:44-48) Do you have this understanding? (Jn 8:43) If not, then you need to ASK of God to open your understanding, so that you might understand these scriptures that are speaking of repentance, and remission (deliverance) from sins, so that you also might be a witness of these things (Lk 24:45, 47-48); because without this understanding, there is no conversion, unto being healed. (Jn 12:40, Matt 13:15, Acts 28:27) Those who are on the wayside ground will hear these scriptures without having understanding, and because they don’t apply themselves to it, the devil comes and takes these words that they have heard (Matt 13:19); Those who hear these things and are offended by them are on the stony ground because they are not rooted (in this understanding) (Matt 13:20-21); Those who are on the thorny ground will receive these things, but because they are into the cares and pleasures of this world, these words will be choked out of them, and they will be unfruitful (in this understanding) (Matt 13:22); And those who are on the good ground will hear these things and understand, and go on to bring forth this fruit (of understanding for others edification). (Mk 13:23) What is wisdom, and where is the place of understanding? (Job 28:20) The fear of the Lord is wisdom, and to depart from evil is the understanding (28:28); The fear of the Lord is to hate the evil (of self-moving ability) which is of pride, and every false way to come unto God. (Prov 8:13)

    Do you have this understanding? Then you are learning the precepts (doctrines) of the word of God. (Which is not by book, chapter, and verse, but from here a little, and there a little) (Ps 119:104, Is 28:9-11) Are you willing to learn this wisdom so that you might have this understanding? (Prov 4:7); then you can have the fear of the Lord, and become holy (meaning; understanding) (Prov 9:10) Do you understand what the will of the Lord is? Then you are wise and you can prove what is acceptable to the Lord. (Eph 5:17&10) Have you asked of God to show you where you are in error? Then you can be cleansed from your secret faults, and be taught so that you would have this understanding. (Ps 19:12, Job 6:24) How can we come to understand these things? By asking God to SEND us a faithful minister to teach, and instruct us in these things so that we can be filled with the knowledge of His will which is in all wisdom, and spiritual understanding so that we might walk worthy of the Lord and be fruitful in every good work.(Col 1:7, Eph 6:21, Rom 10:15, 1Thess 3:2, 1 Cor 4:17, Phil 2:19,25, Acts 8:30-31, 15:22,25, Titus 3:12, 2 Cor 12:18, 2Tim 4:12, Phm 1:12, Col 1:9-11) Remember, IF we can receive who Jesus sends unto us to instruct us, then we can also receive Jesus. (Mk 9:37, Math 10:40, Lk 9:48, 10:16) Because we should also know that this instructor who should have rule over us, is counted worthy of double honor because of his labor in both the word and doctrine. (1Tim 5:17) I hope that I will not become your enemy for speaking this truth which you need to hear, and receive without despising it, so that you can be said to have received Jesus? (Gal 4:16, Lk 10:16)