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Eugenics Hits Austin In Population Connection Society

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by poncho, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. poncho

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    Mar 30, 2004
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    "We must have population control at home, hopefully through a system of incentives and penalties, but by compulsion if voluntary methods fail." Paul R. Ehrlich

    During the presentation it was brought up how women were being sterilized in Africa through vaccines. Burnadette and Jen both expressed that they were not in support of forced sterilization. One of their actions was lobbying for a bill that would mandate federal funded sex education called the REAL act. Burnadette and Jen were both flown to DC to lobby for the bill by the Population Connection group. Population Connection president and Ford Foundation connected John Seager may not feel the same. Seager, from an article written in fall 2004 said “Is this so-called 'birth dearth,'... really a problem? It is not.”

    Later in that article he goes on to lament that American families are just having too many kids – that we need negative population growth. Seager was involved in a detailed study on the effect of AIDS in badly affected areas of Africa. First African woman Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, has claimed that AIDS was deliberately created as “a tool to control them [Africans] designed by some evil-minded scientists.” ​


    When people such as Seager, and Population Connection founder Paul R. Ehrlich develop elitist attitudes, problems are bound to occur. An agenda gets developed and junk science is used to push that agenda. Where does backing for that agenda originate? One must look at the elitist bankers and groups pushing for the exact same plan – Click here for a video of a speech Edmund de Rothschild gave pushing for an agenda almost exactly parallel with Population Connections.

    Then one must look at where the funding for groups such as this originate. Burnadette was unsure where her grant came from, but assured me she would get me that information. As of this writing I have not received anything. Would anyone be surprised to see the same shady groups that Population Connection has associated with in the past?

    On to the article...

    When asked by the Trust why Dr. Kaita felt the drug manufacturers would have contaminated the Oral Polio Vaccine, he gave three reasons: "These manufacturers or promoters of these harmful things have a secret agenda which only further research can reveal. Secondly they have always taken us in the third world for granted, thinking we don't have the capacity, knowledge and equipment to conduct tests that would reveal such contaminants. And very unfortunately they also have people to defend their atrocities within our midst, and worst still some of these are supposed to be our own professionals who we rely on to protect our interests."


    Brzezinkski: “Sit down and shut up!”
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