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Excerpts From Mel Gibson's Interview with EWTN

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by firedome, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. firedome

    firedome New Member

    Jan 5, 2001
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    Let me begin by saying that I am in no way addressing the film by Mr. Mel Gibson by any other means except by his words and motivations.

    Mr. Gibson was interviewed by a one Raymond Arroyo of the ecumenical news network for the RCC. Below I have included excerpts that I myself have heard him say. I have also included the link so as anyone who cares to listen to it may do so.

    Arroyo: What did you use as a basis for this film?
    Gibson: The Gospels and also the writings of Ann Catherine Emmerich (The Dolorous Passion)to fill it out. She doesn't contradict the gospels anywhere, it's just detail. You don't have to believe any of it. It is interesting to juxtapose it against the accepted four testimonies.

    Arroyo: Why did you restrict yourself to the last 12 hrs and not the resurrection?
    Gibson: For me that's the most effective part, the sacrifice. It shows the sacrificial aspect. This is where it all comes to a head. I have seen so many of those films that did focus on those other aspects and they long and drawn out. I don't think the renderings I have seen are very successful. They are usually pretty hokey. They have bad wigs and really stilted acting. The other renderings bore the H**l out of me. It's like looking out of a telescope out of the wrong end. It's like it's not reality. It's like a fairy tale. I wanted to accentuate reality.

    Arroyo: Why did you cast Jim Caviezel?
    Gibson: There's something other-worldly about him. There's some other-world knowledge that envelops him.

    Arroyo: One of the great coups of this film is the casting of Maia Morgenstern as Mary (The Virgin Mary). Why was she chosen and what were you looking for? She's very central to the story.
    Gibson: Oh Yeah. She's an amazing actress! The stuff she would come out with. It's just...she's so soulful! It's for real, it's in her eyes. She's able to convey(pause)things(pause)I (pause)look. (????)

    Arroyo: Why did you decide "I want it to be this brutal"?
    Gibson: I don't think that it's as brutal as it really was.

    Arroyo: There is a sense of beauty in the violence?
    Gibson: Good. There is a definite intent to do that. Uhh, to make it lyrical.

    Arroyo: Why was it important for you to depict it in this raw fashion?
    Gibson: I want it to be up close and personal, I want the full savagery of it. I want it to jump out of the screen out at you. At the same time this is the trick, is to be moved by it, not just propelled by it. Moved and drawn in by it, not being able to leave.

    Arroyo: Why did you provide the flashbacks?
    Gibson: You need these things to escape the horrors of what is going on.

    Arroyo: Tell me about the flashback to Jesus when the child Jesus falls. I would say that it is the most powerful single element of the film.
    Gibson: Yeah, that's what usually gets the mothers, fathers or anyone that has had a mother. It goes back to the human aspect, but also the spiritual aspect as well. The two are inseparable.

    Arroyo: What's his line to his mother?
    Gibson: "Behold Mother, I make all things new." Now that's from some other part of the gospel later on, but we put it there because it seemed so appropriate. It was like this amazing thing. All the Jesuit theologians went, WOW! That's right too. He is admitting he that has a divine nature of understanding.

    Arroyo: Do you think the real gripe here is with the gospels?
    Gibson: That's all. That's all I've got there is the gospels. Now, they did a gospel according to John. They didn't come under fire. Why are they not under fire? Why am I under fire? I've only done what they have done.

    Arroyo: What do you want from your audience?
    Gibson: To be affected by it. To believe it.

    The Passion Interview

    Do the words and motivations of Mel Gibson echo your own. If so, why?

  2. Brother Adam

    Brother Adam New Member

    Jul 31, 2001
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    Thank you for posting this. Priase God that Mel had the courage to go all the way through with the film no matter what and be a steward with what the Lord has given him. He has given us a priceless treasure.