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.....from today's sermon. (6/8/14)

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Scarlett O., Jun 8, 2014.

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    May 22, 2002
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    From this morning's sermon. "The Potter and the Clay" - Jeremiah 18

    [I'm paraphrasing]

    "Humanity, including Christians, have erred. We have made OURSELVES the Potter and have molded for ourselves a god of our own making and design. And then we sit back and have the audacity to wonder why this "god" can't do anything for us! He can't ... that god isn't real. He's just a figment of our fantasy.

    We need to allow God, the real God of the universe to take the lead and to be the Potter. We need to recognize that WE are the clay and are in His hands - not vice versa.

    The Bible says that the Potter saw a flaw in his creation and he lumped it back into a pile of mud and remade it and then it became flawless.
    We need to let God do that with us. We can't rid ourselves of the mars and imperfections that make us not worthy. But God can ... if we allow Him total access to all of our life. We must allow Him to "reshape" us - that's probably going to be painful for some .... probably all. But in the end, we will turn out pleasing to HIM.

    That's the goal."