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Frustration with evangelism, world

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Gina B, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Gina B

    Gina B Active Member

    Dec 30, 2000
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    Today was very hard in a certain class I had this morning.
    We had been discussing death and how we deal with it, what is said to comfort the person. When everyone was asked what was said to make a grieving person feel better, students began throwing out terms such as "in a better place, with God, see them again", etc..

    Except they did it very mockingly, and the instructor's attitude encouraged it.

    I asked the class two things.

    1. Do you believe that these things are said to comfort others/ourselves as a way to not deal with reality.

    The answer? Pretty much, yes.

    2. How many people here believe in an afterlife?

    The answer? NOBODY in that whole class raised their hand.

    It did bring up some discussion. Here are just a couple of the comments.

    A. We weren't made in God's image, we made God in our image.

    B. We are ignoring/not dealing with the way things are by turning to religion.

    C. If we weren't so repressive about death and emotions and dealing with them, we wouldn't need to make up God.

    There was so much more thrown out, and the tone was just so hostile. The instructor agreed, laughed, made her own comments, and then moved on to a different topic.

    I was near tears as I left, not only because of the conversation and seeing not one raise their hand not just when talking about God, but for any type of hereafter whatsoever, and because I let myself react so emotionally. I wanted to run and be with just one believer at least, feel that companionship for a moment because that vast void in the room was awful.

    I've been in this class for weeks, and had thought I was doing half decent, but I haven't talked to people like I should. Like today. I could have said to some of the more involved people in the conversation that I'd like to talk to them more, but after I went through the two questions I was so upset that I was afraid I'd burst into tears talking, so I shut up. Now I feel awful.

    In my writings for the class I've spoken clearly about my beliefs and presented the whole gospel story, but only the instructor reads that. I've thrown out verses maybe once or twice in discussions, and talked with one person about God, but that was it.

    I guess it was a slap in the face wake up call to see just how many people really aren't believers. I assumed that there were going to be at least a few, and that the majority had some concept of belief in at least "a higher power", but even that is lacking.

    That really hurts. It's depressing, and it shows how urgent it is that we introduce Christ to people.

    Think about that. A whole classroom of people ranging from 18-55, all different walks of life, and not one claimed faith. What about other classrooms? The whole college? The town? The state? The sheer number of unbelievers is overwhelming, and when is the last time you or I fully presented the truth to unbelievers? One person in a year? A month? A day?