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God’s reasons for hiding spiritual truths in the Bible

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by evangelist-7, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. evangelist-7

    evangelist-7 New Member

    Apr 11, 2012
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    This may just be the GrandDaddy of all controversial threads
    … there’s something here for everyone to really complain about.

    God has provided for us in the Bible what He wants us to know.
    But, He has camoflaged some major spiritual truths that upset many people.
    So God had good reasons for “somewhat hiding” these controversial verses.
    IMO, God thinks it is much wiser to have people maintain a positive upbeat attitude
    so they will not lose their hope of heaven, and also try to be better citizens of the world!

    These “somewhat hidden” spiritual truths have at least several supporting verses,
    but in 5 of the 6 cases below, God has provided alternative verses to counteract them.
    These alternative verses are not lies, but they are phrased so ingeniously
    that most people can just easily take them the wrong way.

    The statements in black are “somewhat hidden” truths in the Bible.
    Below them are my view of God’s reasons for hiding them.

    1) Every human is born with an inherited sin nature (from Adam & Eve)
    ----Removes a major excuse for people to sin more, and gives a quilty conscience.

    2) The one true God has been revealed as being 3 Persons or Manifestations
    ----Removes a major obstacle for the non-believer to accept Christianity.
    ----E.G. saying God had a Son makes Muslims think Christians are crazy!

    3) Initially, everyone is totally unable spiritually to believe in Jesus and His gospel
    ----Only by God’s grace, and by His free gift of faith, are people enabled to believe
    ----Removes a major obstacle for the non-believer to accept Christianity.
    ----Provides a better atmosphere for believing (and not criticizing) Christianity.

    4) The process of sanctification (after being born-again) is a life-long struggle
    ----Removes a major obstacle for the non-believer to accept Christianity,
    ----and removes a possible obstacle for the new believer to continue in the faith.

    5) The baptism with the Holy Spirit (an anointing) has nothing to do with being born-again
    ----Removes the discouragment of born-again believers not having this baptism.

    6) Eternal life is really knowing the Father and the Son, and being led by the Holy Spirit
    ----Removes what can be offensive to lukewarm and less-spiritual believers.
    ----Provides a better atmosphere for believing (and not criticizing) Christianity.

    If anyone can think of other cases, I’d like to hear about them. Thanks.