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GOD'S Acceptance Part 4

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by Ztheberean, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    ACCEPTANCE Strong’s Hebrew # 7522
    Is all about God’s acceptance, so that we can do His will, and be under His favor.

    These are the words of God that set forth the “GOOD” way, which CANNOT use “OUR OWN WILL” to accomplish (Jer 6:16); This way of the Lord is the fear of the Lord (Jer 32:38-39); Which fear gives us hatred toward the evil in all of it’s pride that “believes” we can come to God in “OUR own way, will, and work” (Prov 8:13).

    God needs to work His truth into us so that it’s light could come out of us, without which we are under the new condemnation of believing in Jesus while practicing evil “self-motivated” deeds (Jn 3:21, 16, 19); Those who love the darkness (of moving themselves) will not come to the light [of this knowledge] because they know that their deeds will be exposed/corrected (Jn 3:19-20).

    Jesus says that there are “GOOD” servants (God moved) (Math 25:21); And then there are “EVIL” servants (self-moved) (Math 24:48, 51); The “evil” servants are hypocrites who are in iniquity (strenuous self exertion) (Math 7:23); This is because they cannot DO the will of the Father, even though they might do many wonderful works in the name of Jesus (7:21-22).

    This is why not ALL believers are Christian, because Jesus tells us that we can know who are His, by their FRUIT (not their belief) (Math 7:20); Servants who have been (made) good by God cannot bring forth EVIL “self-motivated” fruit (7:17); So no one can have “two” natures (7:18), because we can’t serve “two” masters (Mat 6:24, Lk 16:13).

    Why? Because we are to “PUT OFF” our “old man” FIRST, because it is corrupted by deceitful lusts (Eph 4:21-22); Don’t you know that ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY CRUCIFIED THE LUSTS AND AFFECTIONS OF THEIR FLESH ARE CHRIST’S? (Gal 5:24).

    It is these who are NOT deceived hearers, because they have learned HOW to DO the word of God (Jm 1:21-22); From a sent teacher, so that they could be perfected to do the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11-12); DO YOU HAVE SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE WHO LABORS IN THE WORD OF GOD WITH DOCTRINE? Then you should know that they are worthy of double honor (1Tim 5:17), AND you should also know that In order to have true biblical understanding (which is called the holy;- Prov 9:10); we need the word of God taught unto us with meaning (understanding), Paul said that it IS better to have “FIVE” words of understanding than to speak “ten thousand” words without meaning (1Cor 14:19).